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Learn REAL, valuable technology skills today, integrate them in your classroom tomorrow.

Technology Courses for Teachers

Earn graduate-level credit | Gain confidence today | Learn to integrate technology in your classroom

Fresno Pacific University offers professional development courses that teach real skills you can apply in your classroom immediately. With FPU you’ll meet rigorous curriculum requirements, state certification standards and earn graduate level credit in a convenient online format. Are you ready to get excited about what you can do with new technology tools in your classroom? Even if you are very familiar with the latest technology, knowing how experts apply it to the classroom is a valuable skill.

Our courses on technology in the classroom help you develop those skills needed to most effectively use the latest technology to enhance learning experiences for your students. You’ll develop expertise on how to integrate new software and applications into your lesson plans, and how to guide young learners through deeper investigation on their own.

Technology is already part of a young learner’s life. As a teacher, you can help them use that technology to enhance their learning now and prepare for a future that is sure to include technology no matter what path they take.

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In addition to individual technology courses, Fresno Pacific offers certificates in technology including the Classroom Technology Integration Certificate and Technology Skills for Educators Certificate. As you complete individual courses, explore how these can meet the requirements for a certificate.

Student Insights

"I'm wrapping up my assignments in this awesome class and enjoy reflecting on all that I have learned. Especially ways that teachers can consume much less paper... allowing teachers to access student results anywhere they have a computer rather than toting around a large stack of papers to grade."

"After completing this class, I have more confidence in using Chromebooks with my students. I especially enjoyed being able to develop actual lessons that can be used right away in my classroom. Through this course, I now have lessons that will benefit my students' learning immediately."

Why Choose FPU For
Professional Development

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    The convenience of completing courses online allows you to increase your skills while working full time.
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    Enroll in the required and elective courses one at a time and take up to an entire year to complete each one. There is no need to visit the Fresno Pacific University Campus.
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    FPU has created a supportive online experience. Instructors are available to answer questions, give feedback, and provide guidance.
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    Pay for each course as you go through the program. There is no need to fund the cost of the certificate upfront.
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    Course instructors at FPU have classroom teaching experience and advanced degrees and are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.
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    FPU professional development courses can help you earn certifications and salary increases. Depending on your location, some school districts offer tens of thousands of dollars per year for course units.