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Webquests: Implementing Technology Integration

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. The WebQuest model was created in 1995 and has grown in popularity since. This approach to active learning positions the student in the center of the instructional activity and encourages them to use critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

WebQuests can:

  • Be designed for a single class period or as a month-long project
  • Usually (not always) involve group work with each student taking on a specific role
  • Can be utilized among all grade levels

What is WebQuests: Implementing Technology Integration?

The WebQuests: Implementing Technology Integration course is designed to assist educators in learning about, using, and creating the increasingly popular WebQuest. Participants in the course will become familiar with the WebQuest model's philosophy as they work independently on several online assignments. Through a culmination of assignments, individuals will gain strategies, steps, guidelines, tools, and resources for developing their own unique WebQuest.

Who is WebQuests: Implementing Technology Integration online course for?

This technology-focused online professional development course is for classroom teachers, grades K-12, who want to incorporate an inquiry-based learning approach to their classroom curriculum. Educators will gain an understanding of the WebQuest model and learn how to implement this method of teaching by following a step-by-step approach outlined in each module of the course.

What will you learn in this online PD course?

This course will inspire creativity in educator lesson planning and encourage the enhancement of critical thinking, communication, and research skills among learners. Learning modules may include forum discussions, videos, podcasts, blogs, online activities, journal articles, and other resources. Educators will learn to develop WebQuest lesson activities using various technology platforms. The WebQuest course presents student learning outcomes that address all the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Core Propositions.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Classroom Technology Integration Certificate and Online Teaching Certificate.

Everything about taking this course exceeded my expectations- the professor was extremely accessible and helpful to answer questions. The course website was clearly laid out to direct assignments, and the topic was thoroughly explained with diverse sources. I'd recommend this professor, format, and topic to EVERY teacher who has not completed a WebQuest!

-Teacher, Pennsylvania

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George Smith

Are you looking for a positive, educationally sound use of the Internet? How can you use the World Wide Web as a motivating force in your classroom? How can you deal with administrators and parents who are worried about its irresponsible use in classrooms? WebQuests are probably the most talked-about and widely used Web-based activities in today’s classrooms. What are WebQuests? What accounts for their popularity? How can you use and create WebQuests in your own classroom? With tools provided, the students will be self-motivated to research a pre-defined class subject and be taken on a journey of discovery.