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The Flipped Classroom

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Definition of a Flipped Classroom?

The flipped classroom reverses how class and home time are utilized. A flipped classroom means, at its most basic definition, that students watch a video of the day's lesson while at home. Then during class time, they work on problem sets, projects, and discussions. Traditional homework is done during the school day where students have access to the teacher's expertise and interaction with their peers while the lecture (lesson) would be watched at home.

What is the Flipped Classroom Course?

The Flipped Classroom is an independent study online course for educators K-14. Participants investigate the pedagogical reasoning in comparing a traditional learning environment and “The Flipped Classroom” model. Discuss the benefits of the model:

  • Highly motivational
  • Provide for very individualized (differentiated) instruction
  • Increase problem-solving opportunities
  • Provides for blended learning practices
  • Increases contact between teacher and student through more hands-on interactions

What will you Learn in this Course?

In this hands-on course, educators use innovative tools to formulate activities that enhance their classroom teaching and interactions with students. Learn to develop and design digital learning experiences that promote diverse learning styles and skills including assessment types. Find solutions for problem areas that may arise when instituting the flipped classroom plus explore how common core standards allow more freedom in creating a flipped classroom environment.

Assignments include creating tools that can be immediately used in the classroom!

  • Discover new tools to create a flipped classroom environment
  • Create a video lesson in several different formats
  • Create an online presence for your classroom to put all the tools together in one place
  • Formulate lessons that exemplify the flipped classroom process
  • Create and implement a professional learning network with other educators
  • The course covers all the mechanics of making your videos, creating an online presence for your class, and the pedagogy behind the flipped classroom.

NOTE: Required book must be purchased separately.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Classroom Technology Integration Certificate and Online Teaching Certificate.

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Kevin Scritchfield

The last 20 years of my career in teaching has been centered around educational technology. I have written 6 CE courses for FPU. My work as an Instructional Designer continues to drive my passion to share with instructors many methods to integrate technology into their teaching practices. I love sharing my experiences with other teachers from around the globe.