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iMovie for Macs, iPads & iPhones

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is iMovie?

iMovie is Apple's free video editing program for Macs, iPads and iPhones. It is very easy to learn and integrates very well with all Apple devices, yet also has many advanced features for easily creating captivating video content for educational and personal use. Educators can use iMovie to bring their lessons to life through video, sound, and pictures. iMovie has become a powerful and engaging tool to use in classrooms across the nation.

Why Should an Educator take the iMovie for Macs, iPads & iPhones course?

In the iMovie for Macs, iPads, & iPhones course you will discover how to use the Apple hardware you already use daily to create, educate, communicate and inform all while having fun and maximizing your creativity. Students will intuitively proceed through each lesson, creating appealing and engaging video content that can be used in their instruction the same day. Methods for sharing videos in almost any forum/format will also be discussed.

Who is this online professional development course for?

This course is for K-14th educators interested in making learning more exciting and interactive for their students. Educators that take this course will:

  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of video production
  • Have increased opportunities for energizing student involvement in their classroom
  • Be able to use projects finished in this course the very next day with their students
  • Gain increased knowledge of high-end instructional tools that can be used at no cost
  • Gain teaching skills for increasing student problem-solving abilities
  • Have a deeper recognition of how iMovie can be used across the curriculum
  • Learn how to easily share video content online for student use.

What will you learn in this online PD course?

After completing this course educators will be able to seamlessly navigate through iMovie’s many features by:

  • Importing media
  • Adding music, sound effects and narration
  • Using different video effects and overlays
  • Creating multi-camera videos
  • Adding title, subtitles and credits
  • Creating custom animations

Technology Required

All of the course content is included in the class and online. Students will need a Macintosh computer for the course to master iMovie’s many features, but the curriculum also explores how you can use iMovie on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

Eric Westland

After spending 38 years in the classroom, I retired in 2016 and transitioned to teaching teachers. My expertise spans diverse subjects, particularly in technical fields over the last three decades, from Architectural CAD to Algebra, Woodshop to Web Design. I take pride in offering enjoyable and relevant courses and creating a supportive environment for teachers of all backgrounds. In my classes, expect a relaxed atmosphere with practical challenges tailored to various skill levels. The online format allows flexibility, fitting seamlessly into your schedule. My ultimate goal is for every student to gain both enjoyable experiences and immediately applicable skills and materials for their classrooms.