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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Courses

Continuing Education is launching a series of lifelong learning courses. These courses are college-level, non-credit offerings for intellectually curious individuals. A great thing about these courses? No homework or exams!

Studies tell us that people who are involved in lifelong learning are happier and healthier. Taking courses through FPU Continuing Education allows you to engage with a subject matter expert and exchange ideas and feedback with other lifelong learners. Over time, the program offerings will grow and include a wide range of topics including art, music, history, wellness, business, science, technology, and many more subjects.

These are FULLY ONLINE courses and can be started at any time. Enrolling online is easy. Simply follow the prompts on the course page and place your course in the shopping cart to check out.  Please read/print the Lifelong Learning Non-credit Courses Policies and Procedures prior to enrolling in any courses. 

Lifelong Learning Courses


If you have any questions about the Lifelong Learning Courses from Fresno Pacific University, please let us know by using the Contact Us link below.

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