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Ways to Improve How You Teach Watercolors Class

When you teach watercolors to beginners, you provide an avenue of artistic expression that lasts a lifetime. Learn best practices to engage your students.

Traits of Effective PE Coaches In Elementary and Secondary Schools

Enhance your PE teacher qualifications and build on the traits that brought you into the profession with an online certificate program for PE coaches.

Online STEM Courses for Teachers That Build Skills Earn PD Credit

Online STEM courses for teachers are a solid foundation for educators to advance their skills, engage their students and earn PD credit.

Social Emotional Skills for Teachers That Help Them Better Engage Students

Social emotional skills for teachers foster a holistic approach to education and bring benefits to students and teachers that last a lifetime.

Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers Provide Quality and Flexibility

Online professional development for teachers is the cornerstone of flexible, effective career growth for educators. Study online at FPU.

The Importance of Teaching Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a critical skill students must learn to thrive personally and professionally. Earn a professional development certificate online at FPU.

Why Teachers Should Earn a Literature Appreciation Certificate

Teaching literature appreciation reveals a world of imagination, empathy, and knowledge. Inspire your students by earning a certificate online at FPU.

Exploring the Role of AI in Teacher Support

The role of AI in education is rapidly evolving. Educators must learn methods and best practices to safely employ AI in their work and the classroom.

The Importance of Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Professional development courses for educators are an essential component of maintaining their licenses and improving their skills.

AI Chatbots in Education Can Enhance Student Engagement and Support

When used well, AI chatbots can help teachers manage their classrooms and students engage with learning.

Skills for Knowing and Communicating the Bible Better

Ready to know your Bible better? Fresno Pacific’s Bible and Christian life professional development courses provide greater Biblical insight.

How SEL Can Help Teachers Prevent Teen Bullying

Social emotional learning is critical for preventing teen bullying. Teachers can develop their SEL skills at Fresno Pacific University.

Whole Student Education for Social Emotional Learning

Whole student education offers a different educational philosophy that focuses on how a school’s culture and curriculum address a student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical needs.

AI in the Classroom

Artificial intelligence – particularly natural language processing tools such as ChatGPT and Bard and image generators like DALL-E2–are already having an impact in the classroom

Three Mindfulness Practices for Busy or Burned-Out Teachers

Mindfulness simply means staying aware of the moment that you are in, no matter what that moment holds. When teachers practice mindfulness, they learn to approach classroom situations with greater presence of mind.

Excel for Teachers

Excel for teachers helps streamline their work and educate their students about information technology. Learn Excel at Fresno Pacific University.

Health and Today’s Teenager: Understanding High School Student Health Issues

Understanding teen health issues is an essential component of a child’s success in school and in life. Earn PD credits in teen health at FPU.

How to Create a Bitmoji Classroom for Your Online Students

Creating a Bitmoji classroom is a fun way to engage your online students. Learn techniques and best practices at Fresno Pacific University.

How Teachers Can Learn to Create PE Games for Elementary School Students

PE Games for Elementary students can be fun, physically challenging and educational. Earn a physical education certificate at FPU.

Google Tools for Education - Google Drive

Google in the Classroom offers educators a variety of tools to manage their modern classrooms. Earn professional credit at FPU.

How to Use Canva for Education

Canva for Education allows students and teachers digital tools to enhance the learning experience. Learn best practices online at TUW.

The Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise in the Classroom

The benefits of physical activity for children are many, including enhanced academic performance and improved physical, mental and emotional health.

What is Recreational Math and How Can it Help Students?

Recreational math has become a popular topic with teachers who want to maximize young students' chances of succeeding in math.

What is a Pecha Kucha Presentation?

Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that calls for telling a story using images rather than reading text from slides during a PowerPoint presentation

Why Educators Should Learn About Multicultural Literature and Teaching

Teaching multicultural literature broadens students’ perspectives and appreciation for other cultures. Hone your skills at FPU.

Investing in Human Capital: Early Childhood Education

Investing in human capital, starting with early childhood education, is critical to human development. Earn your certificate at FPU.

Current Trends in Curriculum Design Strategies

The best curriculum design strategies meet the needs of a diverse student population. Learn best practices and the latest trends at FPU.

A Teacher’s Role in Helping Their Students Through the Loss of Family or Friend

Knowing how to address grief in the classroom is an essential skill for educators. Grow your skills with online professional development at Fresno Pacific University.

Creative Ways to Bring CQ into Your Classroom

Developing cultural intelligence in the classroom is a journey teachers share with their students. Build CQ skills online at Fresno Pacific University.

Positive Learning Experiences Lead to Transfer-Level Learning

Creating positive student experiences leads to transfer-level learning, boosting academic and real-life success. Learn student engagement skills at FPU.

Ways to Take Control of Your Teaching Career and Prevent Burnout

To prevent teacher burnout, educators can develop their emotional resilience skills to help them meet the profession’s growing challenges.

Why Teachers Quit

Understanding why teachers quit leads to potential solutions. Professional development is one avenue for teacher retention.

Teaching Classical Literature

Teaching classical literature opens doors of perception and insight in readers. Learn to help students read and understand great literature at Fresno Pacific University.

How to Communicate with Parents and the School Board

Educators who communicate successfully with parents help improve student outcomes. Grow your communication skills at Fresno Pacific University.

History of Social Emotional Learning

The history of social emotional learning dates back to ancient Greece and informs modern educational research. Study SEL online at FPU.

A History Lesson for Teachers: Inventions

From the early humans who learned how to control fire to the invention of the integrated circuit, dive into inventions that changed the world with FPU.

Leading a Restorative Learning Community

Restorative learning strategies are critical for teachers, students, and administrators in a challenging educational environment.

The Importance of Developing Self Directed Learning and Study Habits

Students who practice self-directed learning take the initiative in their education, perfecting the skills to plan & evaluate their own learning experiences.

The Importance of Educator Care and Support

Educator support services combined with teacher self-care are critical to avoiding burnout and meeting the demands of a rewarding profession.

The Best Way for Teaching Children How to Read: A Hotly Debated Topic

Teaching children how to read is a teacher’s first and most critical task. Learn methods and best practices at Touro University Worldwide.

Developing Teachers to be Leaders

Professional learning communities provide leadership opportunities for teachers working to improve student outcomes. Earn a PD certificate online at FPU

How to Increase Parent Involvement in Education

Parent involvement in education leads to better outcomes for their children. Learn strategies for how to involve parents in the classroom.

Many U.S. Educators Believe Current Standardized Testing is a Flawed System

Standardized testing often incentivizes the wrong outcomes. How changes to testing can improve education quality.

Incorporating Global Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

Global diversity and inclusion are the bedrock for an open, safe, multicultural classroom. Learn best practices online at Touro University Worldwide.

Zoom Best Practices for Teachers

Zoom best practices for teachers help engage students remotely and in the classroom. Learn how to use Zoom in the classroom online at FPU.

What is Information Technology and How to Incorporate It into Education

Incorporating information technology in the classroom engages a digital-native generation. Learn to use technology tools in the modern classroom.

Restorative Practices in Schools: Putting Restorative Circles to Work

Adopting restorative practices in schools promotes a safe, equitable and inclusive space for students. Learn methods and strategies at FPU.

The Importance of Special Education Law and Ethics

Understand special education law and ethics and develop your career as a special education teacher. Study online at Fresno Pacific University.

YouTube Tips for Teachers

FPU offers a professional development course, YouTube for Teachers, that helps teachers find great YouTube content that will enhance their curriculum and engage today's students.

Self-Care for Teachers to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teacher self-care is essential. Avoiding burnout is key to a successful teaching career. FPU offers two courses to help teachers cope and thrive.

Why Are Rubrics Important to Classroom Success?

Various types of rubrics allow teachers flexibility and consistency in grading students’ learning and achievement. Learn to use rubrics online at FPU.

How Graphic Novels Can be a Good Teaching Tool in Elementary School

Teaching graphic novels in elementary school is an excellent tool to engage students in reading through imaginative text and images.

PowerPoint: Powerful Presentations

PowerPoint for teachers is a powerful tool for engaging students in learning. Learn techniques and best practices at FPU.

How Teachers Can Help Students Form Healthy Eating Habits

Teaching healthy eating habits early sets children up for a lifetime of good nutrition. Learn how to teach healthy eating at Fresno Pacific Worldwide.

Ideas For Teaching Physical Education

Teaching physical education to students starting at a young age develops healthy habits throughout life. Learn to teach PE at FPU.

The Ethics of Computing

The ethics of computing is a hotly debated topic in our digital world. Learn the principles of ethical computing from physical health to social impacts.

How to Teach Computer Science

Learning how to teach computer science is critical in the modern classroom. Earn supplementary authorization to teach computer science at FPU.

How to Incorporate SEL in the Classroom

Social emotional learning (SEL) teaches children self-awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy. These skills serve them throughout their lives.

States In Every Part of the Country Have Teacher Shortages

Nearly all states have teacher shortages. Now is a good time for new teachers entering the profession and veteran teachers to update their skill set.

What Is a Documents Camera and Why Do Teachers Need One?

Using a document camera for the classroom is the high-tech version of the venerable overhead projector. Learn what a document camera can do at FPU.

Online Teaching Tools for the Classroom

The latest online teaching tools for the classroom offers teachers creative and fun ways to engage their students and facilitate learning.

How to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom

Learning how to incorporate technology in the classroom is an important addition to the modern teacher’s toolbox. Learn how at FPU.

What is STEM Education and Why Is It Important?

STEM education and science literacy are essential parts of a well-rounded education. Learn techniques to engage your students with STEM.

Physical Activities for Kids: The Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Physical activities for kids open the door to a lifetime of physical and mental health. Help your students develop healthy habits.

What Can You Do with iMovie in the Classroom?

Explore what you can do with iMovie in the classroom. Teach creativity, digital storytelling, and project-based learning to your students.

Team Sports vs Individual Sports: Both Offer Lessons to Students

Team sports and individual sports - which is best for students? Both offer advantages and disadvantages. Learn best practices for teaching individual sports.

Golf 101: Teaching Golf to K-14 Students

Teaching golf to K-14 students isa healthy way to build character, discipline and sportsmanship. Learn to teach golf at Fresno Pacific University.

How to Identify Teen Substance Abuse: A Guide to Help Struggling Teens

Teen substance abuse is a serious, persistent challenge for teachers. Learn best practices for detecting and managing teen addiction at FPU.

Updating Your Digital Art Curriculum

Create a digital art curriculum using Chromebook and a selection of cloud-based apps. Engage your students with fun digital art projects.

4 Ways to Teach Empathy to Kids

Teaching empathy in the classroom allows students to develop the emotional and cognitive skills they need throughout life. Learn empathy education at FPU.

Benefits of Creating a Classroom Website

A classroom website strengthens communication, collaboration and participation between teachers, students and parents. Learn how to create one at FPU.

How to Create a Kahoot! Lesson Plan

Learn to create a Kahoot! lesson plan and use this popular and innovative platform in your classroom. Earn professional development credits at FPU.

The Online Format is Perfect for Advancement Courses for Teachers

With online advancement courses for teachers, educators can expand their skills, grow their networks, and share ideas. Learn online at FPU.

Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Video conferencing in the classroom is a powerful tool in any teacher’s toolbox. Lean the technology and earn PD credits online at FPU.

Why Schools Are Using Cloud Computing Tools in the Classroom

Cloud computing tools help you to work more efficiently and better engage with students. Earn an online professional development certificate at FPU.

Process Drama and How to Teach Empathy in the Classroom

Process drama is a powerful tool for teaching students empathy. Learn how with FPU's Teaching Empathy: The Human Experience and Process Drama course.

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy important for active citizenship. Learn how to guide students safely in the online world at Fresno Pacific University.

Advice for New Teachers: Making the Most of Your First Year and Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Advice for new teachers in their first year: find a mentor, take steps to avoid burnout and continue on a path of professional development.

Top Tools for Online Teaching

Learn about the top tools for online teaching with a free download from Fresno Pacific. Discover powerful ways to put them to use in the classroom.

Top Tips for Teaching Online

Teaching online is challenging. Fresno Pacific University offers a free infographic giving educators tips and best practices for teaching online.

How to Engage Students Online

Engage your students online with tools like Kahoot! and gamification. Get more student engagement tips with a free infographic from FPU.

Tips for Creating  Educational  Videos for Your Classroom

Learn tips for creating educational videos with a free infographic from Fresno Pacific University. Dig deeper with online courses for teachers.

What Physical Education Certificates are Available for PE Teachers?

The physical education certificates available from Fresno Pacific University offer PE teachers a variety of options for expanding their skills and expertise.

Why Should Teachers Earn a Professional Development Certificate?

Earning a professional development certificate keeps your skills sharp and your students engaged. Choose from the many programs offered by FPU.

Learn to Implement Social Emotional Learning Activities into the Classroom

Social emotional learning activities help improve the lives of students: academically, emotionally and socially. Earn an online SEL certificate at FPU.

Cloud Computing Tools for Education

Cloud computing tools for education are key to a more efficient and engaging classroom. Learn cloud computing at Fresno Pacific University.

Earn PD Units with a Data-Driven Decision Making Course

The data-driven decision making course offering from FPU help teachers improve how they teach in the classroom.

Technology Training for Teachers with Online PD Courses from Fresno Pacific University

Technology training for teachers is an ideal way to maintain professional development credits and stay current with technology tools and software.

Advance Your Digital Classroom Skills by Earning an Online Teaching Certificate from Fresno Pacific University

With an online teaching certificate from Fresno Pacific University, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to create a successful digital classroom.

Fresno Pacific University Offers Colorado Teaching License Renewal Courses

Find Colorado teaching license renewal courses, including professional development, and college or university coursework. Study online at FPU.

Recreational Mathematics Puzzles and Activities for Teachers

Recreational mathematics puzzles are a great, fun way for teachers to introduce math and logic concepts to students. Learn how online at FPU.

Using Google in the Classroom

Using Google in the classroom offers innovative ways to teach and learn. Take the online All Things Google course at Fresno Pacific University.

How to Teach a Lesson on Japanese Internment Camps

Teach the lesson on Japanese internment camps. Teach this important chapter of American History. Learn how at Fresno Pacific University.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Physical Education

SEL and physical education are important components of healthy social and emotional development in young people. Study online at Fresno Pacific University.

Online Professional Development Points for Virginia Teachers

Online professional development for Virginia teachers. Satisfy state continuing education point requirements online at Fresno Pacific University.

Whole Child Approach to Teaching

With the whole child approach to teaching children learn to become their best selves. Learn whole child teaching online at Fresno Pacific University.

Building a Positive Classroom Environment

A positive classroom environment is an essential element for low-income children to thrive despite difficult circumstances. Learn how online at FPU.

What Is Social And Emotional Learning?

Social emotional learning is critical to student success in the classroom and throughout life. FPU courses prepare teachers to apply SEL concepts.

Creating Engaging Student-Centered Teaching Experiences for Online Students

A student-centered teaching environment is built with intention, planning, and proven design concepts to create a rewarding online educational experience.

How Video Lectures Improve the Quality of a Course

Using video can improve the quality of a course. Use videos from The Great Courses to meet professional development Goals at Fresno Pacific University.

Professional Development for New Jersey Teachers

Professional development for New Jersey Teachers. Satisfy state requirements online at Fresno Pacific University.

Resources for Remote (At-Home) Learning and Our Commitment to You

Resources for Remote Learning and Our Commitment to You

Teaching Resources (Websites, Videos, Podcasts)

Teaching resources to help teachers succeed in and out of the classroom. Informative websites, videos, and podcasts.

How Can I Be Better at Teaching Online? Part 2

More tips for better online teaching from Fresno Pacific University's Todd Vasquez, PhD. Learn to create an imaginative, rewarding online learning experience.

How can I be better at teaching online? Part 1

Online teaching can be a difficult transition for many teachers. It takes work, imagination and creative thinking, but the process can be fun and rewarding.

Computer Science Professional Development for Ohio Teachers

Teachers can meet the requirements for computer science professional development for Ohio. Online courses are available from Fresno Pacific University.

Using the Chromebook in Your Classroom

Google Chromebooks are an attractive option for teachers who want to leverage technology in their classroom. Learn how to use the Chromebook for the classroom.

Resources for Teaching Online

Developing strong online teaching skills is an important issue for educators. FPU offers a free list of resources for teaching online.

Nevada Teacher Professional Development 100% Online

Fresno Pacific University offers Nevada teacher professional development through hundreds of online courses and development certificates.

Computer Science Authorization Courses in California

Online computer science authorization courses from Fresno Pacific University allow California teachers to integrate computer instruction in K-12 classrooms

Earn a Supplemental Computer Science Teaching Credential in California

California teachers can earn their supplemental computer science teaching credential at Fresno Pacific University

Shake Up Learning with Technology for The Classroom

The Shake Up Learning book application from Fresno Pacific University gives teachers the tools to transform their classroom

How to Use Canvas in the Classroom

The Teaching with Canvas course from Fresno Pacific University gives teachers all they need to know to use Canvas in the classroom

Online @ONE Courses for California Community College Faculty

Fresno Pacific University offers @ONE courses helping California Community College faculty learn digital teaching tools

What Are My State’s Requirements for Teacher Professional Development?

Meet state requirements for teacher professional development online at Fresno Pacific University

The Role of Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Social and emotional development is important for a child's education. Teachers learn SEL instruction online at FPU

ACSI Approved Courses Benefit Christian Educators

Fresno Pacific University offers ACSI approved online certification programs for Christian educators.

Learn How to Teach Disc Golf in Physical Education Classes

Learn how to teach disc golf with FPU’s online PD course for PE and non-PE teachers.

How Pennsylvania Teachers Can Meet Act 48 Requirements Through Online Courses

Pennsylvania teachers can meet their Act 48 requirements with online courses from Fresno Pacific University

Creating a Successful Independent Reading Environment in Your Classroom

Create a classroom environment for independent reading with the Successful Independent Reading course from Fresno State University

Ohio Professional Development Course Options at FPU

Teachers who need to Earn Ohio Professional Development credits can turn to FPU for a variety of courses not offered in their state.

Bring Gamification into Your Classroom

FPU professional development course can help you learn how to incorporate gamification in the classroom to help students engage using tools they love.

What Are The Illinois Teacher Professional Development Requirements?

Learn about the Illinois professional development requirements to maintain teacher certification for IL teachers.

The Value of a STEM Teaching Certificate

A STEM Teaching Certificate prepares you to fulfill an important teaching role in the U.S. by preparing teachers to integrate STEM into their curriculum.

5 Activities to Get Your Students Excited for STEM-STEAM Day 2019

As National STEM-STEAM Day 2019 approaches, it’s important for teachers to consider how they can increase student interest in these topics. Learn more with STEM PD courses from FPU.

Earn Professional Development Credits with The Great Courses: Life in the World's Oceans

The Great Courses teams up with FPU to bring teachers an exciting course on Life in the World's Oceans and the opportunity to earn graduate level professional development credits.

Expand Your Knowledge with The Great Courses: How We Learn

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects can benefit form this course about How We Learn. Earn professional development credits and improve your teaching game.

Learn About the American West with The Great Courses History

FPU partners with The Great Courses to offer a course like no other on The American West. Benefit from FPU expertise and The Great Courses stunning course materials.

Fresno Pacific University Partners with The Great Courses to Create Three New Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Fresno Pacific University has partnered with The Great Courses to create three new graduate-level courses with topics on eduction, social studies and science.

The Great Courses Teams Up with FPU to Offer Professional Development Courses for Teachers

The Great Courses is teaming up with Fresno Pacific University to offer exciting, informative and useful professional development courses for teachers.

Massachusetts Professional Development Requirements for Teachers

Teachers who need Massachusetts Professional Development hours can earn them online with high-quality courses from Fresno Pacific University.

Maryland Teacher Certificate Renewal and Online Options

Teachers who need their Maryland Teacher Certificate Renewal can turn to FPU for high-quality online professional development hours.

What is Immersive Technology?

Fresno Pacific University offers continuing education courses for teachers who want to learn how to use immersive technology in the classroom.

How to Gain Expertise in Classroom Restorative Discipline

Fresno Pacific University can help you become an expert in restorative discipline strategies for classroom management through our online certificate program.

A Summer Guide to Teacher Wellness and Health

It’s a stressful world. Some studies indicate that the 21st century is even more stressful (so far) than the 20th century. That can be especially true in schools, where teacher wellness and health is not always the priority.

Professional Development for Missouri Teachers

Missouri teachers can earn needed PD hours for their CCPC certification through Fresno Pacific's convenient online format.

6 Reasons for Teachers to Take Fresno Pacific Professional Development Courses for Teachers Online

Enrolling in online professional development classes does more than increase teaching skills. Teachers may also benefit from promotion and increase salary opportunities. Find out more at FPU.

Self-Guided Travel Courses for Teachers

Teachers who need continuing education credits can take self-guided travel courses to add depth of information to their classroom lessons.

Hear it From Students: Why Take Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers at Fresno Pacific

Fresno Pacific University prides itself on providing online professional development courses for teachers that are relevant and able to be applied to the classroom environment immediately.

What are the Requirements to Become a Teacher in California?

Teachers in California can earn higher salaries and the best teaching jobs through professional development courses like those offered at FPU.

The Importance of Creating Peer/Student Mediators

Peer mediation is a great classroom tool. Teachers can learn how to implement this with FPU continuing education courses.

What is the Teacher's Role in Closing the Achievement Gap?

Fresno Pacific University offers a professional development course to help teachers implement tools in their classroom that will help close the achievement gap.

What is Classroom Restorative Discipline?

Fresno Pacific University offers continuing education course on restorative discipline for teachers who are looking for new classroom management strategies.

5 Summer Activities for Teachers

The opportunities are endless for summer activities for teachers. Travel, work, volunteering and professional development are some of the most popular choices. As you enjoy this summer, think about taking on some of the following. 

Salary Advancement Courses for Teachers

With teaching, like any career, attaining more knowledge and experience leads to a better chance of advancement and earning a higher salary. Increase teacher salary with advancement courses at FPU.

The Advantages of Professional Development for Educators

Fresno Pacific University aims to make Professional Development for Educators relevant, dynamic, useful, and easy to obtain.

Relevant Professional Development for Teachers

Fresno Pacific University has been perfecting the art of professional development for teachers for more than 40 years. Find out how FPU is doing it different.

The Importance of Creating Classroom Peer Mediators

Classroom peer mediators are students who help solve conflicts in the classroom. Find out more with professional development courses from FPU.

The Importance of Digital Innovation in the Classroom

Fresno Pacific University offers a Digital Innovator Certificate for teachers who want to learn more about the most effective way to use modern technology as an educational tool.

Can a Coaching Certificate Make You a Better Coach?

A Coaching Certificate from Fresno Pacific University provides the expertise and knowledge needed to lead as a coach who is ready for the challenges and successes that come with the title.

Why Become a Google Certified Educator?

Professional development in technology such as Google Certified Educator Courses can help make you a better teacher and teach your students how to become good digital citizens.

Cloud Computing, Google, Twitter and More: Tech Tools for Teachers

Educators that want to learn about modern tech tools for teachers that can help them make a bigger difference in classrooms today can choose certificate programs at Fresno Pacific University.

Why Teachers Need to Know How to Manage Technology in the Classroom

Fresno Pacific University offers online continuing education courses that help teachers make the most out of new technology in the classroom.

Why Choose Fresno Pacific University to Earn a Degree?

Fresno Pacific University offers both online and traditional programs for students who are looking for the perfect fit for their continuing education.

How to Build Character, Enhance Motivation with a Coaching Certificate Program

Coaching Certificate Programs such as those at Fresno Pacific University help coaches take their leadership skills to a new level.

5 Ways to Integrate Arts Into Your Ocean Science Unit

Arts integration is an approach to teaching where standards in history, math or science, are taught in and through the arts. Fun ocean science art common core lesson ideas.

What is Global Awareness and Why Does it Matter?

The ability to teach global awareness in the classroom is more important than ever as technology brings the world closer together.

Why Today's Students Need Media Literacy More Than Ever

Media literacy is more important than ever in today's world of constant messaging. Teachers can help children be critical thinkers when consuming media.

Where are Teachers Needed the Most in California?

California's teacher shortage means an abundance of teaching jobs are available.

Learn Restorative Strategies for the Classroom

Restorative Strategies help teachers create a positive classroom environment.

How Does California Teacher Pay Compare?

California Teacher Pay is higher than most states in the U.S.

What is a Micro-credential for Teachers?

Micro-credentials are an efficient way for teachers to achieve continuing education goals in a competency-based capacity.

How Does a Professional Teaching Certificate Improve my Career?

A professional Teaching Certificate provides existing teachers with continuing knowledge and a foundation for an advanced degree

The California Teacher Shortage is Getting Worse

Although California ranks high in the nation for teacher pay, benefits and other perks, the California teacher shortage continues to worsen.

Teach Big Ideas with Games for Students

Tips for Teachers: Teachers are discovering the benefits of teaching big ideas with games for students in the classroom. Learn more from Fresno Pacific.

Why Writing and Communication Skills for Students Are More Important Than Ever

Teacher's learn about improving the writing and communication skills of their students with continuing education courses offered at Fresno Pacific.

The Benefits of Workshops for California Teachers

Workshops for California teachers provide the opportunity to learn new skills from professionals, often peers who have knowledge to share.

The Importance of an Inclusive Classroom

Fostering an inclusive classroom can be a challenge for teachers. The following article highlights some areas where inclusion can be promoted and supported.

Why Continuing Education Training Is Important Even If Your District Doesn’t Require It

Continuing education (CE) can seem like an extra burden for busy teachers, but the return on investment can prove significant. With the online programs now available, it’s never been more convenient to get the benefits of CE.

Bullying: How To Spot It, How To Stop It

Bullying has become so prevalent the federal government set up a website to aid parents, teachers and friends. Here are some tips on both spotting and stopping bullying.

7 Wellness Ideas For Stress Management

Stress management is important for everyone. For teachers, it can be a vital part of everyday life. Here are some simple stress management tips to help teachers face each day with a more calm, relaxed attitude.

How Students Benefit From Learning Coding

Coding is a great skill for kids to learn. Here are some ways that learning coding can help improve a student’s overall performance.

5 Simple Ways To Get Technology in the Classroom

Some in the teaching profession love technology and have rushed to incorporate it any way they can into their classroom. Others are a bit more hesitant. It’s sometimes cumbersome to put into place and the benefits aren’t always immediately recognizable. Here are some simple ways to use technology in the classroom.