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Excel: The Ultimate Information Tool

3 Credits
3 Credits

We live in the information age. Without knowledge of special tools, the sheer volume of data and information constantly bombarding us would overwhelm our efforts to make sense of the firehose of information coming at us in all directions. Excel is the Swiss army knife of information management. You can calculate grades, transform raw data into meaningful information, or create school-wide planning templates with Excel.  

In the Excel: The Ultimate Information Tool course, you will develop your understanding, skills, and program application in your professional and personal life. The hands-on exercises relate to actual classroom and administrative activities, including formulas and calculations, charting, hyperlinks, linking, database functions, macros, and publishing on the web.

What is the Excel Course?

Excel is a digital spreadsheet program for storing, organizing, and manipulating data. Excel combines the familiar format of a paper spreadsheet used for decades in accounting with digital computing power to format, control, calculate, and present data in an understandable, digestible, and actionable manner.

What Will You Learn?

Students learn to configure and navigate an Excel screen, enter and edit data, format cell texts and values, enter basic and complex formulas, and perform calculations using cell references. 

Topics include merging cells and creating headers and footers, using charting tools, adding graphic elements, protecting cells, using Excel as a database, and using advanced functions, including embedded formulas.

What Are the Assignment and Projects?

The course is organized into nine learning modules in addition to welcome and course wrap-up modules. These modules include:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Calculations, Formulas, Fill and Printing 
  • Names, Borders, and Managing Data
  • Shortcuts, Functions, Charts, and Graphs
  • Excel as a Database
  • Features and Collaboration
  • Visualization, Mail Merge, and Pivot Table
  • Final Project and Reflections

Who Should Enroll in the Excel: The Ultimate Information Tool Course?

Educators motivated to build their Excel skills and the basics of information management to enhance their work in the classroom will benefit from the Excel: The Ultimate Information Tool course. 

What Educators Who Took the Excel: The Ultimate Information Tool Course Are Saying

“This course was extremely informative. I had used Excel but did not know that there were so many things that it could do. The course was very straightforward and I enjoyed my time in it.”

– Educator, California

“I enjoyed this course a great deal! I learned so much about Excel and look forward to applying what I have learned in my classroom.”

– Educator, Ohio

No book or manual is required for this course. All materials and activities are provided online through Moodle or related links.

This course is applicable to the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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