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Computer Projects for the Classroom

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Computer Projects for Your Classroom course?

Computer Projects for Your Classroom is a professional development course for educators that emphasizes the practical uses of technology in classroom curriculum. Teachers will learn methods for conducting research to find resources specific to their students' curricular needs. Whether teaching kindergartners or seniors in high school, participants will come away with new inspirations. Resources include over 100 online links to lesson plans and lesson ideas specially selected to inspire participants to create their own lessons.

Who is the Computer Projects for Your Classroom online course for?

Computer Projects for Your Classroom is designed for K-12 teachers and curriculum developers to explore multiple resources to assist them in developing practical lessons that involve the use of computers. This course will help educators use technology as a tool of instruction with interesting and relevant lessons to students. The resources provided will encourage out of the box lesson planning that will inspire and increase student engagement.

What will you learn in this online PD course?

Students in the Computer Projects for Your Classroom course will learn methods on how to research to find resources to cover various classroom subjects and grade levels. After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Create a resource of projects using technology to help improve student academic achievement
  • Develop and create technology lessons centered on the applicable subjects
  • Identify, evaluate, and use resources for further study in the area of technology
  • Use technology to make teaching and learning more efficient, exciting, and educational
  • Plan, teach and monitor student-centered learning projects and lessons in which students apply technology tools and resources
  • Facilitate students' use of technology that addresses their social needs and cultural identity

“This course allowed me to reflect on lessons I already teach and find ideas to revise and revisit them to incorporate more technology in meaningful ways. It was also great because it helped me to find new ideas and strategies that can help my students be better students using technology. The instructor was so helpful and prompt with feedback! Thank you!”

-Teacher, California

This course is applicable towards the Online Teaching Certificate and the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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Linda Jacobsen

I feel so blessed to have had a job that I totally loved to do each and every day. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching elementary aged students for the past 38 years. I liked not only working with the children, but their families as well. I have made many lifelong connections with many of them. As a teacher, it is such a rewarding feeling to see my students “light come on” and see them understand the objective of the lesson. I was also very fond of working with other teachers and administrators and helping them understand and learn about technology. I always liked integrating technology into my lessons and helping others do the same. This really makes lessons come to life. All my FPU courses are very helpful for teachers to learn how to integrate technology into their classroom lessons. Working with my FPU students is great because they really want to learn and use what they have learned to make their classroom lessons so much better and more meaningful for their students.