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Internet: Classroom on Wire

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Internet: Classroom on Wire course?

The Internet: Classroom on Wire is a course that gives educators a more in-depth look at how the Internet and the use of technology in the classroom are valuable resources in lesson planning for teachers from kindergarten through high school. TEC-960 discusses the types of technology that can be useful in the classroom, how to incorporate videos and graphics in lessons and where to access subject matter resource sites to enhance student learning. Areas of exploration include math, science, geography and current events. Many of the resources and lesson ideas come directly from teachers, while other resources come from larger sites such as News for Kids, Discovery Channel, Google Earth and YouTube.

Who is the Internet: Classroom on Wire online course for?

Internet: Classroom on Wire is for any K -12th-grade teacher, technology coordinator, principal, or librarian who wants to use the Internet to enhance their classroom lessons and units. This hands-on course is designed for educators who already know how to navigate the Internet and now want to put this knowledge to practical use.

What will you learn in this online PD course?

Students enrolled in this course will learn new ways to enhance their classroom lessons through the use of the Internet. After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the Internet and find various educational sites and resources
  • Use the Internet to support student-centered standards-based units of study
  • Integrate the Internet into classroom curriculum
  • Identify websites that will support curriculum in their classroom

Course Materials

Active hyperlinks are utilized throughout the course. These resources include videos, podcasts, worksheets, online activities and journal articles. There is also the bonus of downloading learning apps that will enhance an educator’s productivity. These apps are not required to complete this course.

This graduate-level PD course requires students to purchase/select a book of their choice that is grade-level appropriate and has supporting online resources.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Classroom Technology Integration Certificate and Online Teaching Certificate.

“This course has given me the opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon my instructional methods. Using what I have learned, I have implemented more engaging instruction for my students, which has promoted more relevant discussions.”

-Teacher, Pennsylvania

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Linda Jacobsen

I feel so blessed to have had a job that I totally loved to do each and every day. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching elementary aged students for the past 38 years. I liked not only working with the children, but their families as well. I have made many lifelong connections with many of them. As a teacher, it is such a rewarding feeling to see my students “light come on” and see them understand the objective of the lesson. I was also very fond of working with other teachers and administrators and helping them understand and learn about technology. I always liked integrating technology into my lessons and helping others do the same. This really makes lessons come to life. All my FPU courses are very helpful for teachers to learn how to integrate technology into their classroom lessons. Working with my FPU students is great because they really want to learn and use what they have learned to make their classroom lessons so much better and more meaningful for their students.