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Ohio Professional Development Course Options at FPU

Ohio Professional Development Course Options at FPU | Continuing Education Ohio

Ohio teachers who need to earn the professional development credits needed to main their teaching license can do so through the state’s learning system. However, many choose to look elsewhere for courses not offered through the state.

One place they look is Fresno Pacific University. This accredited university in California has earned a reputation for offering high-quality courses for teachers through its continuing education program. CE courses are offered online. That gives teachers convenience and flexibility in how they pursue earning Ohio professional development credits.

Ohio teachers can earn credits through Fresno Pacific University courses if approved by the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) at their school or district. The number and variety of courses offered by Fresno Pacific University make this an attractive option for many teachers.

Teacher Professional Development Requirements in Ohio

The requirements for Ohio teacher certificate renewal are maintained by the Ohio Department of Education. Updated in 2015, the state uses the “Standards for Professional Learning” developed by the Learning Forward nonprofit organization as a “leading resource.”

The state sets standards that ask for Ohio teachers to seek professional development in seven categories:

  • Learning communities
  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Data
  • Learning Designs
  • Implementation
  • Outcomes

Ohio teachers are tasked with creating their own individual plans for professional learning and “identifying effective professional learning opportunities.” This Individual Professional Development Plan must be approved by the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC).

The Ohio professional development standards require teachers to renew their five-year license by completing one of the following:

  • Six semester hours of coursework related to classroom teaching and/or their area of licensure
  • 18 continuing education units (CEUs) (180 continuing education contact hours)
  • Other equivalent activities related to classroom teaching or the area of licensure as approved by the LPDC

Teachers may ask to combine the CEUs with the “other equivalent activities.”

How Online Professional Development Courses Can Help Ohio Teachers

The Ohio Department of Education allows teachers to take courses outside of Ohio if they choose. Many decide to do so because accredited universities such as Fresno Pacific University offer courses they cannot get through the Ohio system.

Fresno Pacific University, which is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, offers professional development courses on hundreds of topics. The school also offers professional development certificates that give teachers the chance to earn Ohio professional credit in areas such as classroom technology, digital innovation, restorative strategies for the classroom and STEM education.

Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education can conveniently help Ohio’s teachers keep their certification current with comprehensive courses that allow teachers to use their new skills immediately in their classrooms.

Ohio teachers looking for quality alternatives to earn professional development credits may find what they are looking for through the convenient, online courses offered by Fresno Pacific University.