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Why Should Teachers Earn a Professional Development Certificate?

Two students work on a robotics project in a classroom with the help of a teacher.Teachers around the country earn professional development certificates to meet guidelines established by their home state to maintain teaching certification. But the benefits go far beyond that, with teachers learning many valuable skills, including how to use innovative tech tools in the classroom.

Fresno Pacific University designs its professional development certificate programs to meet the needs of teachers who want to expand their skills and knowledge, but also face many demands on their time. Each online certificate program gives busy teachers the chance to fit continuing education into their schedule in the most convenient way possible.

Meeting State Guidelines with PD Certificates

Many teachers first consider an online professional development certificate because they need to meet state requirements for renewing their license. Completing the individual PD courses in a certificate program not only helps the educator earn their PD units, but it also allows for concentrated study of a content area.

For example, teachers in Colorado may take Fresno Pacific University PD courses to fulfill the 90 clock hours the Colorado Department of Education requires for license renewal. One semester credit equals six clock hours. A course at FPU is typically worth three graduate-level credits.

Every state has different criteria for the credits teachers need to earn and how they can earn them. Fresno Pacific designed its programs to meet those criteria, offering courses to teachers from states around the country. 

Learning New Skills

While earning PD credit is important to maintain their license, the most important long-term benefit is gaining new skills. By taking a graduate-level professional development certificate course, teachers learn the latest strategies for classroom teaching, giving them a better chance to excel in their profession. And that ultimately benefits the students in their classroom.

For example, science, technology and online learning constantly evolve. A certificate can get teachers up to speed on what is available and how to use it in the classroom. Teachers also can choose to learn the latest methods for educating at-risk students, connecting with students raised on technology and resolving conflicts in the classroom, among many other topics.

Teachers also could see an increase in salary from taking PD courses or more consideration for a promotion.

What Fresno Pacific Offers Teachers

Fresno Pacific’s online certificate programs offer teachers the chance to learn online at their own pace. They can pay for one course at a time and have up to one year to finish each course. They also benefit from Fresno Pacific instructors who not only are subject experts but also have experience in the classroom.

Teachers who took a Fresno Pacific professional development certificate course in the past might want to revisit the site and consider taking more courses that can build up to earning a certificate.

PD certificate courses offered by Fresno Pacific include the following:

Classroom Technology Integration Certificate

This course focuses on technology as a vital teaching tool and helps teachers become more effective at using modern tech tools in the classroom.

Digital Innovator

This is another professional development certificate program that focuses on technology. In this case, teachers focus on state-of-the-art tools from sources that include Apple and Google.

Restorative Strategies for the Classroom Certificate

A powerful program that introduces teachers to strategies that help them support students in solving conflicts in a way that helps both parties. These strategies are an effective alternative to punitive punishment.

STEM Teaching Certificate

It’s no secret that the focus in education is on STEM. This certificate program teaches educators how to engage students with effective and exciting STEM learning experiences. 

Social Emotional Learning

In this certificate program, teachers learn about the social emotional learning process that helps children and adults alike understand and manage their emotions. They also learn how to help students set goals, create healthy relationships, achieve positive goals and feel and show empathy to others.

Earning a professional development certificate has benefits that extend beyond meeting the criteria to maintain a teaching license. They also expand a teacher’s skills and knowledge, bringing them one step closer to achieving their goals as an educator.