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5 Summer Activities for Teachers

5 Summer Activities for Teachers

The opportunities are endless for summer activities for teachers. Travel, work, volunteering and professional development are some of the most popular choices. As you enjoy this summer, think about taking on some of the following. 

Get Out of Town 

Sounds wonderful, right? For many teachers, simply getting away from where they work offers a chance to relax and put the day-to-day work of teaching out of their minds. Is money an issue? Don't worry, between visiting relatives, taking long weekend trips with friends or going on that big family trip, getting away for even a brief period offers a chance to relax and recharge. 

Professional Development 

Other summer activities for teachers incorporate learning. It’s the perfect time to consider what areas you can bolster with continuing education to improve teaching skills and earn important credentials. Some school districts offer continuing education opportunities for teachers. Fresno Pacific University offers many continuing education courses through online classes that offer flexibility in when and how you take the courses. While the temptation might be to stay as far away from a classroom as possible over the summer, the benefits of going to class can make it worthwhile. 

Extra Income 

Many teachers use the summer months to find ways of earning extra income. Tutoring or some type of summer school teaching are popular options. However, another idea worth considering is earning money in a way that doesn’t involve teaching. While earning extra cash is the goal, so is allowing yourself to recharge as a teacher and return in the fall refreshed for the new school year. 

Volunteer Work 

Teaching is a demanding profession. During the school year, simply maintaining the daily workload leaves little time for volunteering in your community. But taking the time during the summer to do so can provide many benefits. Helpful and supportive by nature, teachers can improve their mental health through volunteer work. It also provides an opportunity to connect with others in your community in a significant way. There are many opportunities for volunteer work through nonprofit agencies, religious organization, and government agencies. 

Be Lazy 

Some summer activities for teachers are not really activities after all. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sleeping in, reading a book all day or taking the time to indulge in hobbies. No one understands how demanding it is to be a teacher. Even if you end up working, volunteering or seeking continuing education, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. 

Summer can be a very productive time for teachers. Don’t let this one slip away!