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Computer Science Authorization Courses in California

With Fresno Pacific University's online computer science authorization courses you can teach computer science principles in K-12 California classrooms

California teachers who want to work in computer science education now have a new pathway to earning a computer science supplementary authorization. 

Starting in May 2020, Fresno Pacific University will offer 100% online computer science authorization courses designed for multiple or single subject teachers who want to integrate computer science principles into their K-12 classroom instruction. 

The university offers these computer science authorization courses as part of a statewide effort to have more California teachers trained in teaching computer science. The experienced staff and proven online education system offer teachers the best solution for earning this important computer science authorization. 

New Rules in California 

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, facing a shortage of K-12 teachers trained to teach computer science in California, approved changes in the way teachers earn computer science teaching credentials. 

Called the Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science, the 2016 amendments to Title 5 regulations that pertain to supplementary authorization in computer science changed regulations on how teachers earn computer science credentials and updated course content requirements. 

California officials made the changes to address the fact only 39% of high schools offer computer science courses. That’s partially due to the lack of trained teachers. As a result, only 3% of high school students enroll in computer science courses. 

Advantages of Fresno Pacific Computer Science Courses 

Fresno Pacific University offers teachers many advantages if they choose to seek computer science teaching credentials through the university’s computer science authorization courses. 

ExperienceFresno Pacific University has a well-earned, nationwide reputation for offering teachers hundreds of high-quality online courses that allow them to expand their skills and earn professional development hours. 

Instructors. Instructors in Fresno Pacific University programs typically come from the classroom and understand what teachers need to know to apply theory to real-world scenarios. 

100% online. Teachers don’t have to hustle to a classroom after the workday ends. Instead, they can work through the online lessons at their own pace and schedule coursework around busy personal and professional lives. 

The chance to focus. Teachers take each computer science authorization course one at the time, allowing them to focus completely on one topic. Each 3-unit course lasts for eight weeks. 

Work in one cohort. The Fresno Pacific University courses offer everything California teachers need to get their computer science supplementary authorization. Once they have finished all coursework, teachers submit their transcripts to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to earn the supplementary credential. 

Work with fellow teachers. Teachers who enroll in Fresno Pacific University’s cohort can network and share ideas with other California educators in the program. 

Details of The Fresno Pacific Program 

Fresno Pacific University courses are open to teachers with single or multiple teaching credentials in all subjects. Teachers can choose one of two pathways to earn computer science authorization in California. Tuition is $600 per course. 

Introductory Supplementary Authorization 

Completion of all courses in the Introductory Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science Education authorizes multiple or single subject teachers to teach K-9 computer science courses. The four 3-unit courses are as follows. 

  • Computational Thinking  
  • Information Technology Basics 
  • Computing Practices and Programming 
  • The Impacts and Ethics of Computing 

Once they have completed the courses, teachers can send their transcripts to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to earn a supplementary specific credential. 

Specific Supplementary Authorization 

Completion of all the courses in the Specific Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science Education authorizes single subject teachers to teach K-12 computer science courses, as well as classes designed primarily for adults. This authorization is not available for multiple subject teachers.  

The five 3-unit courses include the four in the introductory section, with the addition of Data Structures and Software Engineering.  

Teachers can easily apply for both the introductory and specific supplementary authorizations online at the Fresno Pacific University site.