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Hear it From Students: Why Take Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers at Fresno Pacific

Many of the students who take the Fresno Pacific University online professional development courses for teachers offer useful feedback about their experience with the course. Their comments often address concerns that other teachers might have about support from instructors, the focus of the courses and whether what they learn is applicable to their classroom.

To show the type of feedback we get at Fresno Pacific University, we offer the following examples of real comments from teachers who have taken one of our many continuing education courses. They address many of the questions teachers have about professional development courses as well as their experience working with Fresno Pacific University faculty members. They also show how the university has designed online professional development courses for teachers that offer practical strategies that can be immediately implemented in classrooms.

Support From Instructors

A student from Pennsylvania in the Short Stories from American Literature course wrote that the class gave her “a chance to read some works I hadn't had the pleasure of reading before. It was certainly applicable for my classes, and the professor, Elaine Reimer-Paré, responded quickly and comprehensively to answer my questions and provide insight into the readings.”

A California student in the Studies in the American Novel course said that Luetta Reimer gave “exceptional instructor feedback re: my writing.”

Instructor Will Reimer also received praise for his Great Mathematicians Before 1700 course from a student in New York: “I learned a lot in this course. It allowed me to discover ways to make connections between science, math and history in my classroom. I highly recommend this course to any teacher. Mr. Reimer is also great at responding promptly to emails and giving feedback.”

Focus of the Courses

A teacher from Pennsylvania wrote that a literature course she took was an “excellent course for elementary teachers especially in the primary grades!

“I was able to gain insight and ideas to incorporate poetry in a fun, meaningful way to benefit my students,” she wrote. “Perfect course to align with the demands of our common core standards and extensive curriculum. I will be using the material and ideas that I completed for the assignments. The instructor is very helpful with timely feedback.”

Another student in California wrote of the Teaching First-Year Algebra course: “I have been teaching at a Community College for 17 years, but this class proves that there is always more to learn. It is nice to have a structured course that still allows me to focus on topics that interest me - and to come out of the course with something that can be immediately applied in the classroom.”

Another experienced teacher from California wrote that the Teaching Writing course helped her.

“I was required to take a course for certification renewal, and I am so glad I chose this one! Now entering my fifth year of teaching High School English, I have never felt more confident in my approach to writing instruction.”

Classroom Application

One of the biggest questions for many teachers is whether what they learn in a professional course is applicable to the classroom. Much of the feedback addresses that issue.

The following are more related quotes taken directly from students who completed a professional development course.

From a teacher in Michigan about the Teaching First-Year Algebra course: “The course resources and alignment were great. I have been teaching for 13 years and this class helped me to slow down and reflect on my practices to improve student comprehension. Upon completing the course, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.”

From a teacher in Pennsylvania: “Thank you for putting together a class that actually brought about change in how I teach and what I expect for myself. “

From a teacher in California: “This course was amazingly put together. It allowed me the chance to become more familiar with different works from a variety of American authors. I was able to create two units focusing on two stories for my classes.”

A teacher from Pennsylvania found that Fresno Pacific courses “are practical and immediately applicable to the classroom! I have always been able to apply what I've learned immediately to my curriculum and classroom.”

As these comments show, Fresno Pacific University designs online professional development courses for teachers that meet their goals of providing theoretical knowledge along with practical ways to apply lessons learned to the classroom.