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Resources for Teaching Online

teaching online resources for teachers

With the coronavirus forcing the closure of schools, many teachers have found themselves quickly learning the complexities and nuances of teaching online. While the fall may bring a return for some students to traditional classrooms, there’s little doubt that teaching online will continue in some educational settings.

Given that, developing strong online teaching skills has become an urgent issue for educators. Fresno Pacific University is offering a free list of remote learning resources and resources for teaching online to help teachers navigate this challenging time. Teachers also can search for professional development courses through Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education.

The Fresno Pacific Commitment to Teachers

Through the resources for teaching online offered by Fresno Pacific University, teachers can quickly pick up tips and best practices for teaching online. The school maintains a commitment to ensure “everyone has access to the best possible learning resources in the classroom and at home, even in times of uncertainty.”

Having provided 100% online professional development courses to teachers around the country for many years, Fresno Pacific University faculty and administrators are well versed in what works best when teaching online.

Some of the resources offered through the link above include the following. They apply to teachers at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

Free Educational Resources

Through free educational resources offered online, teachers can access a wide range of helpful resources like AP/Test Prep, at-home projects for students of all ages, digital learning, games and access to digital media and videos. Online resources also provide guidance for designing curriculum and creating assignments in a wide range of academic topics, including geography, history, math, music and foreign languages.

Virtual Field Trips and Web Cams

Fresno Pacific University provides links to a host of virtual tours, including the San Diego Zoo, Yellowstone National Park, The Louvre in Paris and the Great Wall of China. There are also 33 national park tours, 12 national historic site tours and many live zoo and aquarium cams.

Educator’s Guide to Remote Learning

This handy e-book offers teachers a list of online platforms and resources they can use for their classrooms during the coronavirus crisis. They include Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Newsela, Scholastic News, Buncee, Minecraft educational edition and Hyperdocs. Many are free during the COVID-19 outbreak or as long as your school is closed.

The California Department of Education also offers teachers free educational resources for distance learning. While generated in California, the sites apply to teachers around the country.

Anecdotes and Advice

Fresno Pacific University has also gathered links to a number of sites and documents that provide guidance for continuing to educate students through the COVID-19 outbreak. They include information on how to keep engaging students as you transition from face-to-face to online learning and taking care of your mental health during the crisis.

And Fun Stuff!

There are also links to the complete “Schoolhouse Rocks” animated shorts from the 1970s, 15 onstage musical performances you can watch at home and astronauts reading stories from space.

Any of these can help spark ideas for educators looking to better engage students by advancing their online teaching skills. They also can help students get through this challenging time while continuing to learn and expand their horizons.