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Tips for Creating  Educational  Videos for Your Classroom

Creating engaging educational videos is an important skill for teachers in the modern classroom. Educators looking to improve can learn new video-making skills while earning professional development credits through classes offered online by Fresno Pacific University.

FPU is a leader in professional development across the United States, offering free resources and online professional development courses to help you easily make videos for your in-person or online classroom.

Educators can download this free infographic, "Top Tips for Creating Videos," from FPU that provides information on video tools for teachers. The infographic will quickly help teachers:

  • Develop a strong set of video creation and editing tools
  • Learn about various video conference tools
  • Improve educational video skills by offering some tips for video creation

The Importance of Classroom Teaching Videos

Research has shown that video can improve the quality of a course. Part of the reason is that today’s students are more comfortable interacting with video and images than past generations. They’ve grown up with smartphones, memes, videos on every possible topic and apps like Tik Tok. For them, adding video to the classroom seems natural.

Research also shows people learn abstract and new concepts easier when they receive the information both verbally and in visual form. That makes creating strong educational videos important for teachers.

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) calls current students “a generation raised on-screen time as early as infancy.” They urge teachers to ensure video used in the classroom is engaging but also high quality and relevant.

FPU instructors focus on both areas through online professional development courses aimed at improving teachers’ educational video creation skills.

Educational Video Courses at FPU

FPU offers a variety of professional development courses. Each is offered 100% online, allowing teachers the convenience of scheduling class time around their busy professional and personal lives. Some courses focus extensively on video tools for teachers. Two of the most popular are the following.

Video Editing: HitFilm Express

The three-credit Video Editing: HitFilm Express course helps teachers develop the ability to create informational, engaging and exciting videos. Focused on the free HitFilm Express suite of video editing tools, the course gives teachers hands-on experience in planning, shooting and editing a classroom video. No prior video editing experience is necessary for the class, which is self-paced.

Presentation and Video Apps for Educators

The two-credit Presentation and Video Apps for Educators course prepare teachers to better fill the technology needs of a student-centered classroom. The class focuses on helping teachers find the right apps for their classroom, as each class has different needs.

By downloading the free infographic above and taking courses on creating educational videos, teachers can quickly hone their video skills. With today’s students, technology and video can make a difference in the classroom. FPU resources and courses help educators take better advantage of the potential that video in the classroom offers.