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The Great Courses Teams Up with FPU to Offer Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Teachers looking for professional development courses for teachers from an accredited university can take advantage of a new series of graduate-level courses that combine the experience of Fresno Pacific University faculty with the video mastery of The Great Courses.

Fresno Pacific University is a leader in offering online continuing education courses that expand the knowledge and improve the skills of educators on hundreds of different topics.

The Great Courses is one of the best-known video education companies in the world, having partnered with institutions such as the Smithsonian. The company is known for producing captivating videos on fascinating subjects.

The new courses will launch Oct. 1, 2019. All three are offered by Fresno Pacific University through their online system. They are The American West, How We Learn and Life in the World’s Oceans.

Teachers can enroll in the classes now by visiting the Fresno Pacific University website. The cost of the graduate-level courses is $460 per course. There are three credits (units) per class. Here’s a closer look at each of these three professional development courses for teachers.

The American West

This course looks at the details of the settlement of the American frontier - the good, the bad and the ugly. The course allows teachers who enroll the chance to experience the “grit and grandeur of an epic period in American history.” The 24-video series covers the period between the American Revolution and the beginning of the 20th century. The course uncovers many insightful and sometimes uncomfortable truths about expansion to the West. All assignments in the class meet the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) History Standards.

How We Learn

One of the biggest movements in education has been the further exploration not only of what students are taught but how different individuals learn. This class takes a deep dive into this fascinating subject, presenting teachers with the latest study findings and other information on how students acquire, process, store and retrieve information, exploring how emotions impact learning and how to cultivate a desire for learning among students. This course also includes a 24-video series and includes in-depth information on learning theories, styles and strategies.

Life in the World’s Oceans

The world’s oceans provide an environment that sustains an interlocking web of complex lifeforms, from the smallest microbes to the humpback whale. This course looks at the structure and dynamics of the world’s ecosystems. The videos used in this course include amazing underwater footage.

Each of these courses offers a high-quality education for teachers on interesting, useful topics while combining the knowledge of Fresno Pacific University’s experienced staff with the dazzling video work of The Great Courses.

For those looking for professional development courses for teachers, these courses from Fresno Pacific University are worth consideration. Each is offered 100% online, giving teachers more flexibility in earning their education credits.