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Can a Coaching Certificate Make You a Better Coach?

Coaching CertificateThose who coach students in school-affiliated sports programs face more challenges than ever in teaching students both the principles of the game and the importance of sportsmanship. Earning a coaching certificate can help coaches become better in key areas such as building character, knowing the impact of drugs in sports, enhancing motivation and supporting team cohesion and leadership.

A quality coaching certificate provides this type of expertise, and much more. Fresno Pacific University offers courses in these areas, as well in specific sports. Passing these courses allows coaches to earn a Coaching for Excellence Certificate.

The courses are part of a vast selection of continuing education programs that Fresno Pacific University offers teachers in California and across the country through online programs.

Classes that address some of the major issues in coaching:

Building Character

Playing sports has long been associated with the opportunity to build character among players who must learn how to compete fairly, play within the rules and treat opponents with respect. In the course in this area, coaches focus on the moral reasoning processes that go together with playing competitive sports. The course also looks at a player’s desire for team success relative to character and sportsmanship.

Drugs in Sports

This is an issue at all levels of sports, unfortunately. Faced with playing in a highly competitive situation, some players look for any advantage they can find. This course looks at the use of drugs in the world of sports, an issue that takes on even more importance because the National Standards for Sport Coaches calls for coaches to have knowledge about performance-enhancing drugs.

Enhancing Motivation

Motivation is the X-factor in all sports. Notice how a coach with one set of players will be replaced by another coach who gets better results. Strategy plays a role in this area, of course. But so does the motivational skills of the coach.

This course looks at how to develop those skills by finding positive ways to motivate young players. It supports coaches in developing mastery in the mental aspects of athletic competition. Motivation plays a role in more than just sports, but also in learning itself. The skills to motivate players are linked with both success on the field and in cultivating the improvements in character and reasoning coaches strive to achieve with their players.

Fostering Team Cohesion and Leadership

These two factors go hand-in-hand. Coaches must become adept at finding players who can take leadership positions on their team, in turn helping to foster better team cohesion. This course focuses on how to develop a desire for team success among individual players and developing skills to guide players in developing team goals.

Those are just some of the key courses offered through Fresno Pacific University that can make good coaches even better. Coaches get into the profession because of a desire to help kids realize their potential. Earning a coaching certificate can help them better achieve that goal.