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How Pennsylvania Teachers Can Meet Act 48 Requirements Through Online Courses

Pennsylvania maintains high standards in academics through a well-educated workforce of teachers and administrators. Part of the reason for this is Pennsylvania Act 48, which requires certified teachers in Pennsylvania to participate in continuing education. 

Pennsylvania Act 48 impacts all educators holding public school teacher certification. The law requires them to earn continuing education or college credits every five years. 

Many of the professional development and continuing education courses offered through Fresno Pacific University meet requirements for continuing education credits in Pennsylvania. Fresno Pacific University is a Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved provider for continuing education credits. 

Advantages of Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education Courses 

Lawmakers passed Pennsylvania Act 48 to keep educators involved in continuous improvement throughout their career. Fresno Pacific University offers continuing education hours that can help Pennsylvania teachers meet that goal. 

The hundreds of online courses offered through Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education provide a convenient way for teachers to maintain certification while gaining new knowledge and skills through comprehensive independent studies courses for teachers on hundreds of topics. The online courses also allow teachers to immediately put what they learn into action in the classroom. 

In addition to hundreds of continuing education courses, Fresno Pacific University also offers professional development certificates in areas such as classroom technology integration, digital innovation, restorative classroom strategies and STEM teaching. 

Earning professional development credits online is far more convenient than traditional classes for busy teachers. Fresno Pacific University continuously updates courses based on teacher feedback and new innovations. Also, educators teach most courses and understand the unique needs of classroom teachers. 

What Is Pennsylvania Act 48? 

Passed by state lawmakers in 1999, Pennsylvania Act 48 requires all educators in the state who hold public school teaching certification to participate in ongoing professional education. Specifically, the law requires teachers to complete 180 hours of approved courses every five years. 

Act 48 requirements impact educators who have a Pennsylvania public school certification. This includes Instructional I and II, Educational Specialist I and II, Administrative, Supervisory, Letters of Eligibility and all vocational certificates. Teachers must meet the requirements even if they are not currently employed. 

The state provides an online portal to manage Act 48-related educational records for educators. According to the state Department of Education, “The goal of professional education is to improve accountability and quality in professional development.” 

Meeting Pennsylvania Act 48 Requirements 

The law requires Pennsylvania teachers to do the following every five years.  

  • Earn six credits of collegiate study;  
  • Or earn six credits of PDE-approved continuing professional education courses; 
  • Or earn 180 credit hours of continuing professional education programs, activities or learning experiences through a PDE-approved provider. 

Teachers can also do any combination of the above. The state considers one semester of collegiate credit equal to 30 continuing education hours and one-quarter of collegiate credit equal to 20 continuing education hours. 

It’s important to note that all credits and contact hours must relate to the teacher’s certificate type or area of assignment unless you are enrolled in an administrative program or have approval from the school board.