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Strength and Conditioning Certificate

Who is the Strength and Conditioning Certificate for?

The Strength and Conditioning Certificate is for coaches and physical education teachers looking to expand and specialize in the art of strength training and conditioning. Educators will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to lead effective workouts, drills, and state-of-the-art training programs, not only to produce superior results but also to pave the way for themselves professionally.

What is the Strength and Conditioning Certificate?

The Strength and Conditioning Certificate delves deep into areas of sports knowledge including areas such as:

  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports first aid
  • Goal setting
  • Off-season programs
  • In-season programs
  • Restoring performance after injury
  • Future developments in sports conditioning
  • Exercise training
  • Movement imbalance training
  • Developing sports performance training programs
  • Periodizing training for peak performance
  • Incorporating sport-specific skills into physical training programs

By the end of the online certificate program, coaches and PE teachers should feel prepared and knowledgeable in strength and conditioning and be able to integrate the concepts both on and off the field.

“Great program, thank you for this educational opportunity to further improve my educational and fitness career.”

– Educator, Arizona

“An eye-opening program that I found extremely helpful in the field of strength and conditioning. My instructor created great courses applicable to my everyday life and job.”

– Educator, Missouri

How do I Earn my Strength and Conditioning Certificate?

Select 15 units from any of the elective courses below.
Elective Courses:

Benefits of Earning Your Online Strength and Conditioning Certificate – 100% Online


Learn at your pace 100% online and advance your skills while still working a full-time job.


Enroll in individual courses anytime and take up to an entire year to complete each course. There is no time limit on when you need to complete all the elective courses to earn your certificate.


Instructors are available to give you lifelong individualized support, whether you are a current or previous student.


FPU’s certificate emphasizes the importance of strength and conditioning within sports and gives time for teachers to practice, engage, and reflect.


Instructors at FPU are veteran teachers with classroom experience and advanced degrees who are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.


Professional development courses can help you earn certifications and increase your salary. Some districts offer thousands of dollars per year for taking courses.

How do I Request my Certificate?

  1. Complete 15 units of elective courses as specified Above.
  2. Click to download the application form.
  3. Return completed application form to CE office, as stated on the form.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed application form, and verification of successful completion of the 15 units, the certificate is awarded and posted to the participant's transcript.