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Professional Development for Math Teachers

Earn Graduate Level Credit | Expand Your Knowledge and Skills | Bring Math to Life in the Classroom.

Fresno Pacific University offers professional development courses that teach real skills you can apply in your classroom immediately. With FPU you’ll meet rigorous curriculum requirements, Fresno Pacific University offers professional development courses for math teachers. You’ll meet rigorous curriculum requirements and earn graduate-level credit in a convenient online format. Enhance your passion for math and teaching as you learn math education best practices and concepts you can apply immediately in the classroom.

Develop new skills to engage your students and help inspire a love of math and appreciation for its application in their lives. Our Mathematics Education courses bring a mathematical framework to the world of art, social justice, history, critical thinking, and problem-solving. You’ll also enhance your pedagogical approach to teaching math, including student assessment, technology in the classroom, algebraic thinking, logic and reasoning, common core math practices, and recreational mathematics. Understanding mathematical concepts are the foundation for understanding the world. Learn to bring those concepts to life for students of all abilities, talents, and backgrounds.

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Earn a Certificate from Fresno Pacific

In addition to individual mathematics courses, Fresno Pacific offers a Mathematics Teaching Certificate. As you complete individual courses, explore how these can meet the requirements for this certificate.

Student Insights

“I was overwhelmed with a plethora of activities and knowledge from this course to share with both my students in our classroom and with my colleagues. What a fun class."
- Educator, Pennsylvania

“I absolutely loved this course! I was able to make a great portfolio of resources that I will easily be able to bring back to my classroom to use with my students. A very fun and engaging topic that I look forward to incorporating more of into my classroom."
- Educator, Connecticut

Why Choose FPU For
Professional Development

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    The convenience of completing courses online allows you to increase your skills while working full time.
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    Enroll in the required and elective courses one at a time and take up to an entire year to complete each one. There is no need to visit the Fresno Pacific University Campus.
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    FPU has created a supportive online experience. Instructors are available to answer questions, give feedback, and provide guidance.
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    Pay for each course as you go through the program. There is no need to fund the cost of the certificate upfront.
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    Course instructors at FPU have classroom teaching experience and advanced degrees and are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.
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    FPU professional development courses can help you earn certifications and salary increases. Depending on your location, some school districts offer tens of thousands of dollars per year for course units.