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Rich Math Tasks in the Classroom

3 Credits
The goal of this online course is to introduce you to strategies to enrich your students critical thinking skills by engaging in meaningful problem solving using rich mathematical tasks. The eight Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice require students to think critically as they apply their skills and knowledge to mathematical situations. Rich tasks present students with the opportunity to conjecture and reason, explore and model, collaborate and communicate about mathematical thinking. Teachers will explore the rationale for developing a math-task culture as well as develop strategies for selecting, planning and implementing tasks in the classroom. This course may be completed with or without students.

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Candi Reimer

As a beginning mathematics teacher at an urban high school, I quickly realized that drawing on student interests and experiences was essential to engaged learning. This insight has guided my work in education as a K-12 instructional coach, a developer of mathematics curriculum, and an instructor of professional development. My courses aim to create space for teachers to gather around relevant ideas and practical experiences as they deepen their knowledge and professional practice. Course topics reflect the concerns and curiosities of practicing teachers, equipping them to directly apply learning to classroom teaching. I value the diverse perspectives that Fresno Pacific University students bring to the learning community, and I hope that participants in my courses will be as inspired as I have been by the ideas and dialogue generated here.