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Life in the World's Oceans (The Great Courses Series)

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Life in the World’s Oceans Course for Teachers?

Fresno Pacific’s Life in the World’s Oceans course offers an in-depth exploration into the science and mysteries of Earth’s most significant feature and the life within. With stunning visuals and the expertise of Sean Todd, professor and marine researcher, The Great Courses and FPU’s Life in the World’s Oceans course combines your love of learning and teaching marine science with practical tools you can use in your classroom immediately. Assignments address the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for Science.

This science course offers teachers the chance to earn three graduate-level credits from an accredited university. Learn through the eye-catching videos of The Great Courses with the expertise of Fresno Pacific University’s instructors.

What Will You Learn in This PD Course?

In this course you’ll explore the structure and dynamics of a marine ecosystem. From phytoplankton and invertebrates to fish, sharks and the mammals of the ocean, students will better understand the astonishing array of life in the world’s oceans and the vast, complex web of life they help sustain.

  • Understand the unique chemistry of water that is so vital to our planet
  • Learn about the different ecosystems within a marine environment
  • Explore the differences between marine and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Discuss the morphological, physiological, and behavioral adaptations of marine mammals
  • Understand the relationship between humans and marine mammals
  • Review the impacts of climate change, ocean acidification and overfishing

Continuing education courses are facilitated by Fresno Pacific University instructors providing guidance and classroom expertise. Instructors strive to stay current on recent trends in education and provide prompt feedback and support for teachers, even after completion of the CE course.

The Great Courses Video Content

FPU’s Life in the World’s Oceans provides a lecture series of 30 videos of 30 minutes each. You’ll learn from award-winning professors and researchers who present the information in a practical and accessible format that allows you to apply new concepts in your classroom. Students can reference videos, podcasts, worksheets, online activities, journal articles and other resources that provide a comprehensive look at the importance of the world’s ocean’s as a vital component of the health of the planet. There is no required textbook, but a course guidebook is included with the cost of the course.

This course is applicable towards the Life Science Teaching Certificate and Physical Science Teaching Certificate.

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