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Science of Extreme Weather (the Great Courses Series)

3 Credits

No place on Earth is safe from severe storms. Tour the world's wildest weather-and learn how to protect yourself-with a storm-chasing, prize-winning meteorologist. By delving into Science of Extreme Weather that underlies blizzards, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, and more, you'll come away with newfound appreciation and respect for the atmosphere's most awe-inspiring phenomena. This course will provide both the breadth and depth you seek to understand, and even predict, severe weather events. Throughout the course, historical examples are used to showcase the power of the atmosphere.

You will learn about extreme variations in temperature as you investigate arctic cold waves, the polar vortex, heat bursts, and deadly heat waves. You will go on a journey to understand how wind forms and why it can accelerate to hurricane force in just seconds. You will discover how water in the Earth's atmosphere ultimately powers each weather system through familiar processes, such as condensation and evaporation. You will learn how to use the latest scientific instrumentation, such as dual polarization radar and multispectral satellite imaging, to observe the evolution of storm systems and identify their most powerful features.

Your study of the tropics will lead you to the discovery of the teleconnections of Earth's weather systems. You will learn how large scale circulations, such as El Niño and La Niña, impact weather across the entire globe. You will use this knowledge to predict future weather conditions and become well versed in the meteorology of long range weather prediction. Severe weather is happening somewhere on Earth each day. This course will empower you by teaching you the science that drives extreme weather. Assignments address the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for Science. The course guidebook is included.

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Dr. Andrew Herrick

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