Stress Management

  • HED-906
  • 3  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.94 out of 5 stars

What is the Stress Management Course for Teachers?

This stress management course is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach your students about the detrimental effects that are associated with an excessive levels of stress and tension. Learn how to manage a stress-free classroom to improve the learning experience.

What Will You Learn in the PD Course?

Learn holistic stress reduction techniques that will get you acquainted with the theory, technique, and teaching skills needed to deal with stress from a physical, emotional, and environmental perspective. Expand your knowledge base so you can teach your students about:

  • The nature of stress Identifying sources of stress
  • Applying techniques to deal with stress
  • Understanding the nature of various stress-related conditions
  • Designing and implementing a goal-setting and time management program
  • Apply stress management techniques

What are the Assignments and Projects?

In this graduate-level PD course, you will demonstrate mastery of stress management through lesson plan development, action plan creation, relaxation scripts, and discussion board interactions. With Fresno Pacific University professional development courses, you may implement what you learn in your course today into your classroom tomorrow! Learn stress reduction techniques for yourself and your classroom while earning three continuing education credits.

NOTE: Required textbook must be acquired separately.

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