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Roland Shearer

Subject Expertise: Health and Physical Education
Education: Masters Degree from the University of San Francisco; BS Degree from Minnesota State University
Hometown: Jackson, MN, but lives in Colorado Springs, CO today
Home Church: Calvary Castle Rock, Castle Rock, CO

Continuing education is absolutely essential no matter the occupation. To work with educators I consider to be the ultimate opportunity.

Professional Experience: Have taught Jr. and Senior High School since 1977 - most of the time Physical Education with one year of science and three years of math.

Personal Experience: Founder and editor of California Track & Field, Founder of Student Online Academic Research (SOAR), Meet Director Footlocker Cross Country Western Regional.

Scholarly Interests: Health and Fitness

Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5-10

Favorite Music: Folk, Country, and Bluegrass

Favorite Activities: Mt. Biking and Snow Skiing

Family Info: Married with two adult children

What Matters: Family

What I Like About FPU: Allows me to connect with educators from all over the world.