Distance Learning Playbook: Book Application

  • EDU-958
  • 1 - 2  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.80 out of 5 stars

Distance Learning Playbook is an essential hands-on book application course that assists in preparing and delivering distance learning or remote learning experiences that are truly effective and impactful for the students. Effective teaching is effective teaching, no matter where it occurs or the delivery method used. Today, teachers have the opportunity to prepare for distance learning with purpose and intent. Learn what works best to accelerate students' learning, engage students, develop meaningful relationships, all the while maintaining an indelible focus on equity. This course spans topics from teacher-student relationships, teacher credibility and clarity, instructional design, assessments, and grading. We will share the research and evidence-based strategies teachers can mobilize to deliver high-impact learning in an online, virtual, remote, or distributed environment.This course can be taken for either one or two units.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Online Teaching Certificate.

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