Early Childhood Education Courses

ECE: Guiding Documents - ECE-1000

What does it mean to be a practicing early childhood professional today? Preschool Learning Foundations, Common Core Standards for Kindergarten, and best practice for teaching in the Transitional Kindergarten classroom are explored for teachers to understand the theory and rationale behind the various guiding documents for the education of the young child.

Guide: Social/Emotional Behavior - ECE-1002

Explore the current research on the importance of social and emotional development in young children. Reflect on the current classroom applications which support the social and emotional development of the young learner. Design classroom application activities to support the social and emotional development of the young learner. Implement techniques to help your students develop positive social skills.

Inclusion, Children w/Exceptionalities - ECE-1004

Discover how to plan and implement curriculum in a classroom that addresses the needs of all children. A focus on autism is included. Experience the challenges children with exceptionalities face in an all-inclusion classroom. Include teaching strategies in all curricular areas to meet the needs of all students in the Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten classroom. Use the Guiding Documents to design lesson plans that align with Foundations and Standards. Explore current research for inclusion of students with exceptionalities in early childhood classrooms.

Early Literature for English Learners - ECE-1006

Examine models of reading and writing processes and the interconnections between oral language, reading, writing and spelling. The course emphasizes patterns of development for children from birth to age eight with special emphasis on ages 3-6. Attention is given to factors that support literacy development with an emphasis on English learners and those factors that place children at risk of failing to reach their educational potential. The course focus is to explore how English learners acquire the foundations for literacy, and develop instructional skills for both young English learners and young native English speakers.