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Learn Real Social Emotional Tools and Techniques for the Classroom

Social Emotional Learning

Earn graduate-level credit | Gain confidence today | Apply new teaching methods tomorrow

Fresno Pacific University offers professional development courses that teach real tools and techniques you can use immediately in your classroom. FPU continuing education classes help you meet rigorous curriculum requirements and state certification standards while you earn graduate level credit in a convenient online format.

Social emotional learning courses help you learn new tools for educating the whole child, a child who is prepared and available to learn through a healthy social emotional environment. SEL course instructors offer you exciting, new, practical strategies because they understand the classroom environment and the importance of completing PD courses with real, fresh teaching and learning strategies.

The importance of social emotional learning is understood through the lens of whole child education – understanding the positive social emotional development of the young learner and practical tools that can meet the needs of individual students.

Social emotional learning includes important concepts like trauma informed teaching, the importance of cooperative play, a positive sense of self and relationships with others, positive social skills, active, healthy lifestyle, the growth mindset and more.

The FPU instructors incorporate videos, readings, discussions and/or projects into their courses, offering thought-provoking instruction that goes beyond what you are used to from a typical continuing education course.

At Fresno Pacific we are a group of instructional experts who learn from one another.  FPU students rely on our expertise and our level of support via tools in the online classroom, emails and even phone calls.  Many find our online courses more valuable and interactive than face-to-face PD courses they attended.

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In addition to individual social emotional learning courses, Fresno Pacific offers a Social Emotional Learning Certificate. As you complete individual courses, explore how these can meet the requirements for a certificate.

Student Insights

"I learned a lot from this class! I strongly believe that this coursework has reminded me about some of the trauma that my students may be experiencing at home and how much they need to feel like they belong at school."

"This course is a must for anyone who teaches students experiencing the effects of living in poverty. I am starting my new year with behavior management strategies that are designed to help establish a safe classroom climate."

"I truly learned from this outstanding course. I found the assignments reasonable and applicable to real life. Each assignment was VERY useful to help process new information. There are many gold nuggets of information in this course that I can't wait to apply in my classroom. Thank you for this great class!!"

Why Choose FPU to
Professional Development

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    The convenience of completing courses online allows you to increase your skills while working full time.
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    Enroll in the required and elective courses one at a time and take up to an entire year to complete each one. There is no need to visit the Fresno Pacific University Campus.
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    FPU has created a supportive online experience. Instructors are available to answer questions, give feedback, and provide guidance.
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    Pay for each course as you go through the program. There is no need to fund the cost of the certificate upfront.
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    Course instructors at FPU have classroom teaching experience and advanced degrees and are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.
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    FPU professional development courses can help you earn certifications and salary increases. Depending on your location, some school districts offer tens of thousands of dollars per year for course units.