Brainstorm-The Power of the Teenage Brain: Book Application

  • EDUC-932
  • 1 - 2  Credits
  • Online
  • 5.00 out of 5 stars

Our teen years are filled with heightened emotions, the push and pull of independence, and excitement of applying abstract principles. Instead of giving readers a toolbox of how to "deal" with the struggles of emerging teens, Dr. Siegel informs us of how the rapidly growing brain is affecting actions and choices, and he invites us into coming alongside this age group with healthy guidelines and appropriate encouragement. By understanding the complexities of brain development in teenagers, Siegel helps teachers to nurture this sensitive and powerful age demographic with whole-brain approaches, mindsight strategies and practices, and social-emotional awareness. This course can be taken for either one or two units, and you can complete the course either with a class of students or without a class.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

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