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Social Emotional Learning Certificate

Who is the Social Emotional Learning Certificate for?

The Social-Emotional Learning Certificate is for teachers and administrators alike. This online SEL certificate is designed to create safe and supportive classroom environments using evidence-based and age-appropriate strategies. Educators will be equipped with the tools and knowledge of the best techniques for building collaborative and open partnerships with families, students, and the larger educational community, to ensure students are getting the care and support they need.

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Social-emotional learning is a valuable skill to not only help students succeed academically but a vital skill they carry into their adult life with work and relationships with others. Through this online certificate program, learn how to integrate SEL concepts into a classroom and within family interactions.

My instruction has provided a very well thought out, sequential, and valuable course on teaching Social and Emotional skills in our classrooms. I highly recommend this class!” -Educator, California

This course was deep, interesting, relevant, and insightful for any person looking to know how to better be available to others who are coping with grief and loss. I am grateful to have taken it.” - Educator, Pennsylvania

How do I earn my SEL certificate?

Enroll in the required course and at least four or five elective courses listed (at least 15 units total).

Required Course:
Elective Courses:

Benefits of earning an online Social Emotional Certificate


  • Learn at your pace 100% online and advance your skills while still working a full-time job.


  • Enroll in individual courses anytime and take up to an entire year to complete each course online. There is no time limit on when you need to complete all the required/elective courses to earn your certificate.


  • Instructors are available to give you lifelong individualized support, whether you are a current or previous student.


  • FPU’s certificate emphasizes the importance of social emotional learning in the classroom and gives time for teacher practice, engagement, and reflection.


  • Course instructors at FPU are veteran teachers with classroom experience and advanced degrees who are instrumental in the development of engaging courses.


  • Professional development courses can help you earn certifications and increase your salary. Some districts offer thousands of dollars per year for taking courses.

How do I obtain the certificate?

  1. Complete the required course and at least 4-5 elective courses as specified above.
  2. Click to download the application form.
  3. Return completed application form to CE office, as stated on the form.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed application form, and verification of successful completion of the 15 units, the certificate is awarded and posted to the participant's transcript.