Teach With Pecha Kucha Presentations

  • TECH-909
  • 1 - 2  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.72 out of 5 stars

What does Pecha Kucha Mean?

Pecha Kucha presentations are fast-paced presentation methods that can be used in a variety of class settings. Typical Pecha Kucha presentations are limited to 20 slides at a rate of 20 seconds per slide for a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds, but they can be modified to meet your teaching objectives and students’ needs. This presentation style was designed to help people tell a story instead of lecturing. Stories are told using more imagery and less text. Integrating Pecha Kucha presentations into your classroom will help keep your students engaged. Did you know that “Pecha Kucha” means “chit chat” in Japanese?

What is the Teach with Pecha Kucha Presentations Course for Teachers?

When you are developing and giving a Pecha Kucha presentation, you must convey the most important aspects of the subject/topic. This course teaches you how to analyze what is important and how to quickly and accurately describe a topic. Learn about Pecha Kucha presentations, how they can be used in a variety of class settings, and how to create and give Pecha Kucha presentations. In addition, you will develop a lesson for your class using Pecha Kucha presentations.

What Will You Learn in the PD Course?

You will develop and give several Pecha Kucha presentations. One Pecha Kucha presentation is in front of a live audience and the other is recorded using a screen-capturing program. You will also develop lesson plans using Pecha Kucha presentations. Some examples of lessons using Pecha Kucha presentations are book report summaries and personal applications. Participants have taught historical content such as the Bill of Rights, and others have presented on environmental concerns such as the use of plastics.

Flexible One- or Two-Unit Course Option

Are you looking for a one- or two-unit professional development course? Choose the option that meets your professional development needs. Earn a one-unit course by completing three modules:

  • Module 1. Overview of Pecha Kucha presentations and its use in your class.
  • Module 2. Learn how to develop a Pecha Kucha presentation. Teachers record one and do another one live.
  • Module 3. Learn how to use Pecha Kucha presentations in K-12 and university classes, and then develop two lesson plans using Pecha Kucha presentations. Earn two-units by completing an additional module:
  • Module 4. Further improve your skills with application assignments and the creation of an action plan.

Interested in hearing more? Watch this video from the course professor, Dr. Jim Ave, as he introduces you to the Teach with Pecha Kucha Presentations course.

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