Data - Driven Decision Making for Teachers

  • TEC-973
  • 3  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.77 out of 5 stars

What is Data-Driven Decision Making for Teachers?

Effective data-driven decision making is a must in today's standards-based curriculum because teachers need to focus on the curriculum areas where their students are struggling. The professional development course, Data-Driven Decision Making for Teachers, can help you implement different data analysis strategies, evaluate state and local benchmarks, develop action plans and communicate information about a student's progress with parents. Using the technology of today's student data programs, teachers have access to a wealth of information. This course is recommended for all teachers who teach in grades K-12 and want to improve instruction in their classroom.

What Will You Learn?

Through the convenience of online learning, TEC-973 will show you how to find both the weaknesses and the strengths of your students and explore the concepts behind the use of data to develop instructional strategies and move towards taking a leadership role on your campus. Learn through course resources including sample exam reports, forums and online assignments. Although helpful, having access to a report generating tool is not a requirement.

  • Analyze state standardized test data and benchmark test data to determine strengths and weaknesses in how students are performing in relation to both their grade level and their entire school.
  • Determine if there are achievement gaps between significant subgroups, along with differences between the grade levels.
  • Analyze multiple measures reports and determine what assessments should support electronic reporting.
  • Complete an action plan tool. The class was very informative about how data should be driving classroom instruction. Being a part of newly created "data team" at my high school, this class has increased my knowledge of how to pass on the information to the rest of the staff.

Professional Development Certificate

This course is applicable towards the Curriculum Design and Assessment Certificate and Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

If the overall goal of your school is to increase student performance, I highly recommend this class. --Teacher, Ohio

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