Internet: Classroom on Wire

  • TEC-960
  • 3  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.89 out of 5 stars

Internet: Classroom on a Wire is the perfect course for any teacher, technology coordinator, principal, or librarian who wants to use the Internet to enhance their classroom lessons and units. This hands-on course is designed for educators who already know how to navigate the Internet and now want to put this knowledge to some practical use. Included are popular links to resources and activities for all grade levels. Some of the resources and lesson ideas come directly from teachers while other resources come from larger sites such as News for Kids, Discovery Channel, Google Earth, and YouTube. Along with the provided links educators are also guided to make their own discoveries. Whether they are working with kindergartners or seniors in high school participants will come away with new inspirations. There is also the added bonus of learning apps that will enhance their own productivity. Access to students is not required to complete this course.

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

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