Photoshop for Teachers

  • TEC-958
  • 3  Credits
  • Correspondence
  • 4.88 out of 5 stars

Photoshop, the world-standard for digital image editing, is the quintessential tool for designing and manipulating images. A must-know for teachers of photography, multimedia, journalism, yearbook and art, Photoshop pushes the boundaries of digital image editing like never before! The richly illustrated course textbook (acquired separately) is accompanied by video tutorials to walk the visual learner through hands-on exercises designed to provide mastery of the tools and core concepts of image manipulation only Photoshop can provide. It is not necessary to own a copy of Photoshop as demonstration versions (CS3 and CS6) are included on the course DVD. Minimum system requirements: Windows XP with SP3 or MacOS 10.6; access to a DVD drive.

Upon registering, the instructor will mail physical course materials at no additional cost, including the TEC 958 course DVD; a DVD drive is necessary to access both the course and textbook DVD. All assignments may be completed without classroom participation. Instructor support is always readily available via email or phone. Additional information found at:

NOTE: Required textbook with author's DVD must be acquired independently (see syllabus for details).

This course is applicable towards the Technology Skills for Educators Certificate.

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