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Strength Training for Sports

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Strength Training for Sports Course?

The Strength Training for Sports course gives educators the opportunity to explore the relationship between strength training and athletic performance. They learn to design training programs for both young athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They also learn how to create programs tailored to specific individuals as well as those designed for a specific sport. Coaches and teachers who enroll in this course benefit from learning practical knowledge for program development as well as developing a theoretical understanding of strength training for sports.

What Will You Learn?

Students in this professional development course cover a variety of topics related to strength training, including resistance training, growth and development issues, creating and managing youth programs, integrating other fitness components, creating strength programs for individuals and developing sport-specific strength training programs for young athletes.

Course assignments encourage participants to integrate specific national standards for physical education. Course objectives are modeled around standards-based learning as identified by SHAPE America.

What Are the Assignments and Projects?

The professional development Strength Training for Sports course is self-paced. Fresno Pacific offers students the opportunity to enroll at any time and take up to one year from the date of registration to complete all assignments. Modules within the course include:

  • Analysis and Application Papers
  • Strength Training Program
  • Training Program Reflection
  • Emergency Plan
  • Coach’s Interview (learn from an active coach about their current strength training program)

Who Should Enroll in the Strength Training for Sports Course?

This course is beneficial for junior or senior high school teachers or coaches. Evidence of learning in the professional development course is tied to stated objectives and assessed via analysis and application papers, training programs, testing programs, reflective evaluations and peer learning.

What Educators Who Took the Strength Training for Sports Course Are Saying

This course was a great experience and educational opportunity. I appreciate the consistent feedback from the instructor.

– Educator, Michigan

“This class was great for me. I work at a middle school and get to teach strength and conditioning as an elective. I was able to apply a lot of this course to my class.”

– Educator, Oregon

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Strength and Conditioning Certificate.

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