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Speed Training for Sports

3 Credits
3 Credits

The idea that “speed is a gift you’re either born with or without” is a myth. Many athletes and coaches adhere to this story without realizing there are established and effective methods to improve speed, form and run faster. In the Speed Training for Sports course, you’ll learn these techniques and why they consistently work.

Help your students become better athletes and dispel the myth that speed is not a gift that can be earned.

What is the Speed Training for Sports Course?

In the Speed Training for Sports course, you’ll examine the components determining an athlete’s speed potential, strength, agility and quickness.

The course also covers assessments you can use to detect running form errors and how to correct them.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools to:

  • Assess your athletes’ speed, strength, and flexibility
  • Detect errors in running form and ways to correct them
  • Apply the SAQ training model to improve their playing ability
  • Design a personalized speed-specific program

What Will You Learn?

In the Speed Training for Sports course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and integrate professional coaching and teaching standards into your teaching and coaching
  • Understand and articulate your role in shaping your student athletes to become “physically educated students”
  • Assess the speed, strength, agility and flexibility of your students
  • Apply the speed-agility-quickness model to improve the playing abilities of your students
  • Justify the importance of strength, ballistics, plyometrics and form in improving playing speed
  • Design a personal speed-specific program for your student athletes

What Are the Assignments and Projects?

Assignments and topics include:

  • Analysis and Application Papers
  • Speed Training Program
  • Training Program Reflection
  • Speed Training Lesson Plan
  • Coaches Interview

Who Should Enroll in the Speed Training for Sports Course?

This course is for you if you want to learn new strategies for improving speed, agility, and quickness so you can help your student athletes reach their full potential.

What Educators Who Took the Speed Training for Sports Course Are Saying

“The course was enjoyable and helpful. I have already applied many of the teachings from the course to my coaching and have reaped benefits.”

– Educator, Idaho

“I was able to learn many new drills I plan to incorporate with my students and athletic teams in the years to come. Great content!”

– Educator, Illinois

NOTE: Required book must be purchased separately.

This course applies to the Strength and Conditioning Certificate.

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