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Watercolor Sketching for Students

3 Credits
3 Credits

What is the Watercolor Sketching for Students Course?

The Watercolor Sketching for Students course is designed to enhance art instruction, teaching educators how to take their students on an artistic adventure into the world of watercolor sketching on location. The course focuses on the best ways to help students develop the technical skills of sketching and grow in their understanding and appreciation of the value of creating art.

What Will You Learn?

Educators in the Watercolor Sketching for Students course learn techniques of seeing and capturing perspective, proportion, color and mood. They learn about the development of plein air painting during the 19th century impressionist movement and its lasting influence on the art world. Educators develop their skills in seeing perspective and proportion in the environment and how these skills connect to mathematics.

When they complete the course, educators demonstrate techniques using the watercolor medium with various brushes and tools. They also become familiar with the terminology associated with those techniques. Their instructor, Rob Carey, is an avid sketcher. His watercolor sketches have appeared in publications including “The Art of Urban Sketching” by Gabriel Campanario and The Art of Watercolor magazine.

What Are the Assignments and Projects?

The professional development Watercolor Sketching for Students course is self-paced. Fresno Pacific University offers students the opportunity to enroll at any time and take up to one year from the date of registration to complete all assignments. Modules within the course include:

  • The History of On Location Drawing/Painting
  • See and Record with Graphite
  • Working With Pen and Ink
  • Adding Life with Watercolor
  • Teaching Watercolor Sketching

Who Should Enroll in the Watercolor Sketching for Students Course?

Watercolor Sketching for Students is designed to enhance art instruction for K-12 teachers and is aligned with National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS). However, teachers of all disciplines will find it personally enjoyable and applications can be made to nearly every subject.

What Educators Who Took the Watercolor Sketching for Students Course Are Saying

“I highly recommend this class! My skills improved noticeably, the book was interesting and the instructor replies readily and is very helpful. I enjoyed the assignments and learned techniques that I will use both personally and in the classroom.”

– Educator, California

“I have a new passion for drawing and watercolor because of this class.”

– Educator, Pennsylvania

NOTE: Required book must be acquired separately.

This course is applicable towards the Art in the Classroom Certificate.

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Rob Carey

I believe that teachers are the backbone of society, and that education plays a major role in shaping a culture’s values. I made a career change to education after four years of active duty in the army and two years working in aircraft. For the past 25-30 years, I have had the privilege of teaching in a variety of settings in public and private schools, charter schools, and over half of my career teaching overseas in international settings. My educational interests include integrated curriculum development, art instruction, classroom climate, teacher care, educational technology, and Biblical integration.