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Parenting Better

Parenting Better with Dr. Allan Hedberg

Parenting is one of the most important and yet most difficult task a person can undertake. The impact and influence of a parent will last a lifetime and onto the next generations. It is not a task to undertake lightly. It is not a role one should adopt without training and skill development in parent/child relationships. One of the most powerful convictions a parent can teach a child is that their future is within their control by the choices they make. Biblical principles and concepts will be embedded within the lessons of the three levels of this course.

A certificate of completion is available for those students who complete the journals and score 80% or higher on the Final Essay Quiz.

Note: Required book must be acquired separately.

Highlights of the Program

  • Identify strategies to improve parenting practices
  • Evaluate parenting practices to determine the overall effectiveness
  • Utilize best practices in the parenting process that are based on current research
  • Describe methods for developing communication and social skills through the child’s life
  • Develop effective methods of behavior management and discipline in the home
  • Communicate strong family values to the next generation
  • Online course includes eight videos and hours of podcasts
  • Complete the program at your pace and on your own schedule
  • Learn from clinical psychologist and parenting expert, Dr. Allan Hedberg

HBM-040: Parenting Better