Why Become a Google Certified Educator?

Google Certified Educator

Becoming a Google Certified Educator allows teachers to understand the many tech tools and apps offered through Google for use in the classroom. Becoming certified strengthens an educator’s confidence in using technology, helps them support students in using tech tools creatively, makes a classroom more efficient, increases digital citizenship and keeps teachers engaged in professional growth and lifelong learning.

Becoming a Google Certified Educator is easier than ever, thanks to online courses such as those offered through Fresno Pacific University’s continuing education program. The university offers teachers the chance to improve their knowledge in a number of ways, including a Digital Innovator Certificate that provides an education into a wide variety of tech tools and skills.

What You Learn in a Google Certified Educator Course

Teachers who decided to become a Google Certified Educator learn how to use tools from the search giant to improve what they do in the classroom. Taking the class involves completing an online tutorial and passing an exam. For the third unit, students in the class are asked to prepare projects that involve the use of Google applications and tools for educational purposes.

Confidence in Using Technology

Whether you’ve been teaching for 20 years or two, technology has advanced since you graduated. Innovation comes fast in the digital world. It’s impossible to know what is available without taking the time to refresh your skills. Google, which has a commitment to education and sharing its tools with teachers, offers a wonderful way to keep up on whatever is the latest. The more you learn, the more confidence you will have in integrating technology into your classroom.

Helping Students Use Tech Tools Creatively

No matter how much you may use technology in the classroom, one thing is certain: Whatever your students go on to do in life, there’s a chance technology is going to play a huge role in their careers. Using tech tools in the classroom helps prepare them for that future. Beyond that, tech tools can also deepen the educational experience for students, helping you better explain complex concepts. Tech tools also help students express themselves creatively, something that can only improve their classroom experience.

Make a Classroom More Efficient

Time is something that every teacher wants more of, and technology can help them be more efficient with their teaching time. It also helps you take another big step toward being a paperless classroom.

Making Better Digital Citizens

Because technology will undoubtedly play a significant role in your students’ futures, making them better digital citizens is a great gift. Digital citizenship involves teaching them how to behave online, think critically about what they see, and know how to stay safe while online.

Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning

Life is a process of continuous learning. Teachers know this better than anyone. However, time is often an issue. That’s why courses like the one for Google Certified Educators are so valuable - you can do them online and fit the classwork around your busy schedule.

Fresno Pacific University excels in this area. It offers a wealth of continuing education courses for teachers, including other Google-related courses such as “All Things Google,” that offer more information about Google tools and services.

Becoming a Google Certified Educator has its advantages. With online courses available that allow you to reach this goal, there’s never been a better time to take this step in your professional development.

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