Top Tools for Online Teaching

Knowing the right tech tools for online teaching is now essential for teachers at all levels of education. For most, the challenge lies in finding the right tools.

Fresno Pacific University specializes in online courses that provide teachers with the skills they need for the modern classroom. The school compiled a list of resources educators can use to improve their online classroom teaching expertise. 

Educators can discover top tools for online teaching and learning by downloading this free infographic. These resources can help teachers:

  • Develop students’ organizational and research skills
  • Crop, customize and remix online video content
  • Create interactive slideshows that incorporate virtual reality and collaboration
  • Provide real-time feedback to students as they work on assignments

Teachers can learn the specifics by downloading the infographic, "Top Online Tools for Remote Learning." They can also further their knowledge in tools for online teaching and earn professional development credits through online courses offered by FPU.

The Need for Online Teaching Tools

As a professional development leader for teachers across the U.S., FPU offers free resources and online professional development courses to teach educators creative ways to engage students through online learning.    

Rob Carey, M.Ed., Director of Independent Studies at Fresno Pacific University, teaches a course called Teach Like a Pirate, with tips provided in the book of the same name by Dave Burgess.

Carey said professional development courses give educators a chance to remember why they got into teaching in the first place. Usually, it revolves around a passion for educating students. He said teachers often feel joy “seeing the moment when the lightbulb goes on and the student suddenly 'gets it' and you know you have successfully taught a new concept or skill.”

He added, “For some teachers, their passion for teaching is simply making that amazing human connection with students that communicates, 'I see you. I believe in you. I will always be on your side. You can do this.' These are the teachers that our students will never forget.”

Understanding how to use online teaching tools can help teachers translate that passion into online classrooms. 

Fresno Pacific Online Teaching Courses

Fresno Pacific offers a wide variety of online professional development courses focusing on remote learning. 

In the Teach Like a Pirate course, educators discover how to engage students “through whatever means necessary.” Educators learn methods to increase their passion for teaching, improve presentation skills and take risks in teaching to help them better hold students’ attention. FPU offers many such book application courses, which typically are 1-unit or 2-unit courses providing educators the perfect choice to fulfill the last professional development credit they need. 

Another FPU course that focuses on remote learning is Technology Tools for Teaching Online, a hands-on course that takes a holistic approach to how teachers can meet the challenges of online learning and the tech tools required to succeed.

At Fresno Pacific University, educators learn the skills they need to succeed in online learning, an area of education expected to grow further even after pandemic-related shutdowns end. They also can earn professional credit to maintain licensure and stay on top of innovations in education. One way of staying on top of innovations in education is by using Canva. Discover the advantages of using this amazing online tool.

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