Maryland Teacher Certificate Renewal & Online Options

Maryland Teacher Certificate Renewal

Every teacher in Maryland must renew their teaching certificate. Part of the process required by the Maryland Department of Education is for teachers to get six semester hours of continuing professional development (CPD) every five years.

Maryland teachers have plenty of options to choose from for their professional development courses. These include the continuing education courses offered through Fresno Pacific University.

Even if you are teaching in Maryland, you can take advantage of the CPD courses offered through the university, which is based in California.

Certification Renewal Requirements in Maryland

Every teacher in Maryland must initially earn a certificate from the state to teach at any grade level. They then must renew the certificate every five years. Renewal requires taking six hours of CPD courses.

Every teacher is assigned a renewal month, either in January or July. They then renew their license in that month every fifth year. The cost of the certificate renewal is $10.

Teachers must create an account with the state through a portal offered online. Once established, they can use the portal to upload transcripts and other information needed to renew a certificate.

There is also a requirement for a one-time course work in reading, according to the Maryland Department of Education. Teachers who work in early childhood education, elementary education and special education must complete 12 semester hours of reading courses. For those who teach in secondary education, PreK-12 and secondary special education the requirement calls for six semester hours.

Schools in Maryland typically handle the certificate renewal procedure and will let teachers know what they need to meet the requirements. They also will offer some courses in the state, but teachers can use other educational options such as FPU if they feel it’s a better choice for them.

How Online CPD Courses Help Teachers

The Maryland Department of Education states that teachers in the state can take programs through schools outside the state. The requirement is that the “courses must be earned and appear as a passing grade on an official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university.”

Fresno Pacific University is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

The school offers a wide range of professional development courses on hundreds of topics. The classes are all offered completely online, making it convenient for working teachers to fit classes around their busy schedule. And it doesn’t matter where you live!

Fresno Pacific also offers professional development certificates on a wide range of topics. They include classroom technology, digital innovation, restorative strategies for the classroom and STEM education.

Maryland has created a system that ensures teachers continue to develop professionally throughout their careers. Fresno Pacific University can help educators in Maryland meet the certificate renewal requirements of their state.


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