Shannon Carpenter Homeschooling Workshops


7 Things Every Homeschooling Family Needs to Know

3 Units
This is a FULLY ONLINE course and can be started at any time.
This course teaches how to support new homeschool families or homeschooling families that are new to working with a charter school. You will learn to support your homeschool families in the following:
- Discovering the Student's Learning Style
- Choosing a Homeschooling Style or Approach
- Choosing the Homeschooling Curriculum
- Creating an Education Plan
- Organizing the Home & School Environment
- Evaluating Schoolwork & Assessing Progress
- Making Connections & Building the Community
Shannon has over 20 years of experience working as a teacher and administrator for California charter schools. She has also homeschooled her own 7 children and is passionate about personalized learning and parent choice.
For course related questions, please contact Shannon Carpenter.