Shannon Carpenter Homeschooling Workshops


The Heart of Homeschooling I

2 - 3 Units
$360 - $540
Virtual with In-Person option.

The Heart of Homeschooling I is the first part of an introductory course covering the topics of what are known as the "pillars" of homeschooling. Each week students will discuss relevant homeschooling topics in a discussion board platform. They will also read through two books and watch a monthly video lesson. The Heart of Homeschooling I covers these 5 pillars:
* GROW - Cultivate your homeschool heart - understand your WHY and create a mission statement
* LEARN - Learn where you came from - study the history of education, public schools, homeschooling, and charter schools
* DISCOVER - Learn how to homeschool - all about teaching styles, learning styles, and homeschool styles
* CONNECT - Connect with your community - Co-ops, collectives, churches, etc.
* CULTIVATE - Mentorship and Apprenticeship - How to set and teach by example

Two books are required for purchase and are available on Amazon: The Everything Guide to Homeschooling by Sherri Linsenbach and How to Homeschool by Sarah Janisse Brown.

For course related questions, please contact Shannon Carpenter.