Creating a Bitmoji Classroom

Creating a Bitmoji Classroom is a course where you build a personalized online site that makes learning come alive for your students as they connect to resources, get assignments, take quizzes, and much more. Using the online application, Google Slides, you will add graphics to build scenes such as a living room or a classroom. Throw in some animations, quizzes, GIFs, videos, libraries, bulletin boards, and link them to online resources and now you have a dynamic site that is educational, informative, and fun. Your classroom becomes personalized when you add your own cartoon caricature called a Bitmoji that you create in your phone. Using online tutorials, activities, assignments, and forums you will develop the skills to create your own sophisticated multi-level Bitmoji Classroom. All the resources are free. The course can be adapted to all grade levels and subject matters. You do not need access to students to take the course.

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