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Zoom Essentials for the Classroom

3 Credits
3 Credits

Zoom has come into its own in recent years. For educators. Zoom is an interactive, mobile, and collaborative tool for engaging students in the classroom and remotely.

The many applications and features of Zoom expand the capabilities of the modern classroom. Teachers provide one-on-one student support and schedule video conferences. Zoom can be programmed to record class lessons and upload them to the cloud. Beyond technical features, understand how to prepare content for the platform.

After learning the basics of Zoom, a second course guides participants through advanced techniques for creating compelling learning experiences for remote classrooms. Both courses use the same textbook available from multiple sources.

What Are Zoom Essentials for the Classroom?

Features like screen sharing, polling and break-out rooms are essential features educators can use in the classroom. Providing a safe, secure learning environment that aligns with national and state standards is also critical to using Zoom in the classroom.

What You Will Learn

In the Zoom Essentials for the Classroom course, students will:

  • Develop skills using the online Zoom format that allows immediate use for online teaching.
  • Determine the effectiveness of Zoom in meeting national and state standards.
  • Utilize multiple features within Zoom to facilitate a variety of lesson formats.
  • Design a presentation that demonstrates proficiency to share with colleagues and introduces the online tool.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in aligning the state or national standards with the tool.
  • Create a lesson agenda that includes the use of multiple features of Zoom that allow for immediate formative assessment.

The course is organized into eight learning modules:

  • Module 1 - The Equipment: Introduction to the Basics of Zoom
  • Module 2 - Tools for Successful Teaching Using Zoom
  • Module 3 - Testing and Preparing for Technical Difficulties
  • Module 4 - Sharing Content
  • Module 5 - Breakout Room Basics
  • Module 6 - Exploring Chats and Polls
  • Module 7 - Security
  • Module 8 - Application of Zoom Tools

Who Should Enroll in the Zoom Essential in the Classroom Course?

This course is for educators motivated to harness the latest technology to enhance the classroom learning experience.

The Zoom Essentials course is applicable towards the Online Teaching Certificate.

Note: The required textbook must be acquired separately.

What Educators Who Took the Zoom Essentials for the Classroom Course Are Saying

"This course offered many assignments that I could immediately use in my classroom. The course load was very reasonable. I learned a lot about how to teach remotely better using Zoom." 

– Educator, Pennsylvania

"This is a necessary course for anyone who is going to use remote learning for their school year."

– Educator, Pennsylvania

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Dr. Sandra Frisby

The courses I teach will provide you with multiple ideas and resources to guide the students you teach to foster their desire to learn, and to provide them with the necessary tools so that they may develop to their full potential. As you know, all children are unique, with differing interests, learning styles, skills and abilities, therefore, we must meet their needs to challenge them to be critical thinkers. As you complete this class I am here to support you, guide you, and share my many years of experiences teaching children and adult learners! My favorite teaching quote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~Ben Franklin