SketchUp for Teachers

  • STEM-903
  • 3  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.91 out of 5 stars

Students love to draw and create (teachers too!). Add a computer to this mix and students will discover they can create three-dimensional projects using powerful, yet easy to learn, modeling tools. SketchUp is a free program that is powerful enough for commercial applications, yet simple enough that a 3rd grader can learn to use it.

Being completely free, you and your students will be able to use these programs both at school and home! It also runs on Macs, PC's and Chromebooks! Follow along with instructor-created screencasts to help you master the basics of SketchUp and explore ways to incorporate it into almost any project.

No prerequisite knowledge with Sketchup is required. A recommended textbook may be purchased separately but is not required.

This course is applicable towards the STEM Teaching Certificate.

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