Teaching Lifetime Fitness

  • PED-923
  • 3  Credits
  • Online
  • 4.98 out of 5 stars

What is Teaching Lifetime Fitness?

Teaching Lifetime Fitness covers applied information regarding components of physical fitness, exercise planning and behavioral changes to improve personal fitness and promote lifetime activity. You will learn content and strategies for helping your students assess their current levels of fitness, identify areas of improvement as well as understand and apply SMART goals to their fitness program.

Walk away from this course with this new knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of lifetime fitness
  • Methods of fitness assessment
  • Fitness program design
  • Warm-up and cool-down methods
  • Measuring exercise intensity
  • Injury prevention
  • Experience with SMART goals

Who should enroll in Teaching Lifetime Fitness?

This physical education online professional development course is for PE and classroom teachers, grades 6-14, who want to help their students become physically fit and stay fit throughout their life. The instructors of this course have decades of teaching physical education and health science to draw upon when it comes to teaching physical fitness. As teachers, they feel called to teach students the importance of taking care of their physical bodies both in the present and for life.

What will you learn in this online PE course?

You will learn how to develop an activity plan that addresses cardiovascular and muscular systems, hydration, injury prevention, and other pertinent fitness material. You will be assessed through online project-based assignments, knowledge checks, lab activities and discussion boards. Demonstrate your new knowledge through posters, infographics, trading cards and a fitness video. The popular textbook Fitness Steps to Success will be used as a learning tool and guide in this course. Educators will learn and use a progressive plan for total body fitness including cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Additional topics covered in this course include:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Warm-up/cool-down
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Advanced fitness principles

This is a top-rated course averaging 5.0 / 5.0 stars!

National Standards

This PD course for educators is aligned to two national standards: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America)

NOTE: Required textbook must be acquired separately.

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