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Multicultural Literature & Teaching

3 Credits
3 Credits

Providing a diverse and culturally sensitive curriculum is essential in today’s classrooms. In the online Multicultural Literature & Teaching course, educators engage in discussions and learning opportunities for supporting diverse learners and exploring multicultural literature with their students.

What is Multicultural Literature and Teaching?

Literature defines us culturally, cognitively, and emotionally. Multicultural literature describes people's beliefs, experiences, history, and daily lives in the context of their cultural heritage.

What You Will Learn 

In the Multicultural Literature & Teaching course, students will:

  • Create and reflect on lessons plans incorporating multicultural literature
  • Analyze how multicultural literature supports learners with an emphasis on engagement, reading and writing
  • Explore how multicultural literature supports diverse learners
  • Create a whole unit with three connected plans that demonstrate culturally responsive teaching and multicultural literature in the classroom
  • Create a presentation suitable for professional collaboration, including book lists and classroom plans
  • Organize, use and share resources

The course is organized into seven learning modules covering the following topics:

  • Module 1: Exploring Diversity & Multicultural Education
  • Module 2: Critical Literacy & Multicultural Literature
  • Module 3: Connecting Multicultural Literature in the Classroom
  • Module 4: Developing Book Lists and Working with Stakeholders
  • Module 5: Culturally Responsive Curriculum in the Classroom
  • Module 6: The Importance of Diverse Literature Beyond the Classroom
  • Module 7: Books, Authors, and More: Further Resources for Diverse Literature

Who Should Enroll in the Online Multicultural Literature & Teaching Course?

  • Current K-12 teachers looking for continuing education credits interested in developing a culturally responsive curriculum
  • Educators who want a self-paced option; students may enroll at any time and take up to one year from their registration date to complete the course. Students may complete assignments in no less than three weeks for a 3-unit course (one week per unit)

NOTE: The required book must be acquired separately.

What Educators Who Took the Multicultural Literature & Teaching Course Are Saying

“This is the perfect course if you are looking to add more diverse literature to your classroom!” 

- Educator, Pennsylvania

“Excellent! I have learned lots of helpful information that is very relevant to my position. I am excited to implement the resources and (hopefully) make an impact.” 

- Educator, Wisconsin

This course is applicable towards the English Language Arts Teaching Certificate.

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Tara Warmerdam

I am passionate about reading and writing, and this is central to my work as an educator. Whether I am discussing a book with a group of 12th grade seniors, teaching curriculum theory with teacher credential students, or assisting veteran teachers with implementing core standards and reading intervention strategies, my students are always the focus of my teaching. I value a positive, energetic, and creative learning space where professionals can work together to improve their practice and help their students become lifelong readers and writers! My goals for my online professional development courses are to provide relevant, timely, and engaging material that teachers can bring back into their classrooms. Learning is a lifelong journey for teachers and students - come learn with me and celebrate reading!