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Essential Strategies for Understanding in ELA

3 Credits
Essential Strategies for Understanding in ELA engages teachers from all disciplines, K-12th grade, to examine seven thinking strategies for your Educator-Strategy Toolbox for in-person, virtual or hybrid classrooms. The essential meaning making strategies are: Conceptualizing, Note Making and Summarizing, Comparing, Reading for Understanding, Predicting and Hypothesizing, Visualizing and Graphic Representation, and Perspective Taking and Empathizing.

Today's collective knowledge base calls for learners who will be able to conceptually understand larger ideas and processes and transfer their learning to new situtations using these strategies and accompanying tools. It is with hope this course inspires you--a designer of instruction, to see the impact your work has on students' futures.  

NOTE: Required textbook must be acquired separately.

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Sharon Owyang

Teaching and learning have been the focus and passion of my career. From teaching middle school and high school and guiding professional curriculum in-services, I have gathered instructional strategies for teachable moments in the classroom. I want to provide teachers with relevant and timely instructional resources that can be applied in your classroom. I believe in seizing the time to share vibrant engaging lessons, scaffold learning, and creating learning experiences for your curricular content. My courses provide the opportunity to apply research-based, high-yield Instructional Strategies to Inspire Learning, a focus on the Achievement Gap: Teacher’s Role, and Essential Strategies to promote Achieving in English Language Arts. I look forward to working with you online.